Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Crash Vixen / Pole Dancing for Kids

I imagined the street I walk along every day when I take my daughter to school while drawing this cartoon. But I would never actually do this pose at the stop sign in my own neighbourhood. They actually seem to accept me, even though they ALL know about the activism work I do and Exotic Dancers for Cancer and the pole dancing. My daughter even has drawn in her journal at school (she's in grade one) a picture of her swinging around the pole.

What's wrong with her swinging around the pole, I wonder? I heard about a radio show recently where they were interviewing some people from Europe who are teaching pole dancing to kids, and the listeners were outraged. That's too bad, since I would love to teach a class of little girls pole dancing. It's so much fun! We could do the one my daughter taught me where your feet are a half inch off the floor and you pretend you're skiing. And the spins! My baby girl LOVES spinning around the pole. "Watch this one, Mom!" "Watch this one!"

What an uptight world we live in.

But back to the original intent of this post - I am part of a community here, in my neighbourhood. I actually feel accepted. I don't usually invite other peoples' children over because I worry they'll make excuses why not, or worse - send their kids over and worry about them the whole time. I realize people are suspicious of my ability to be a parent, and it's just because they have swallowed all the false information they've been fed through their lives about lowly strippers and immoral, loose women who are too degraded and incompetent to realize their own degradation. I'll forgive them for their ignorance, if they'll just let me educate them. I'm sure over time, once they've known me longer, their stereotypes will just naturally disappear (or they'll think I'm the anomaly *rolls eyes*) and then they might trust me with their kids. lol

I've found the best way to educate other moms is to be honest, outed, and me. Me is just like them - struggling to be a good mother and worrying over my kids and making mistakes along the way. We are the same. I'm just more comfortable than them about taking my clothes off for money.

Oh, and my seven year old daughter (and my two year old son) are quite comfortable swinging around a pole.


mike said...

that is a really well done comic. i mean perfect composition and your style is very pleasing. i used to do comics myself, that's why i felt compelled to comment. i enjoyed the article as well. thanks. my work can be viewed if interested:

Annie Temple said...

Thanks Mike! Wow - your art is fantastic. You've totally captured the beauty of pregnancy. :) Thanks for sharing.