Thursday, April 19, 2007

Fresh Lesson - Erotic Fiction

I’ve never been the kind of woman who goes home with men from the bar, even though my closest girlfriends do it all the time. I admit that I masturbate regularly and my fantasies almost always involve strangers. But that is probably the real reason I am unimpressed by the clumsy boys who follow the direction of their dicks around the bar unable to pique my interest.

I mean, I’m not a total prude or anything. Much of the time it is my bed in which my girlfriends entertain their assorted conquests. And I utilize those occasions to lie on my couch in the next room and touch myself while listening. Their experiences invariably end quickly, and I am thankful that I can also get myself off quickly.

What I seek is a boy who has control of himself, enough control to prolong the buildup of tension within me to the point where I am begging for the penetration that is necessary for me to be fulfilled in my sexual adventure. There’s something about a large, rock-hard cock that I cannot get over. Climax is elusive unless I imagine it entering me. I guess that just reinforces my heterosexuality.

Too bad the control I seek in real life is so elusive as well. No matter how attracted I am to “the guy I danced with all night” or “the bartender with the penetrating blue eyes”, these men are merely masturbation material used to put faces to the cocks that fill my fantasies.

However I am imperfect and therefore am sometimes so starved for a real sexual encounter that I do give in and take a boy home. I am always the aggressor in these situations trying desperately to lead the experience into a fulfilling one. Those poor boys are unused to being tossed aside so easily after the sex sessions. And I am not one to cater to the frail male ego. So I was truly unprepared for the night that I finally met my match.

He noticed me when I was dancing. I refused to dance with anyone that night, but when he approached me with that intensity of one facing a daunting challenge, I could not help but accept him. He watched me curiously and it flattered me. Soon I found that I was smiling at him in spite of myself. He had some friends with him who were also dancing with various women around us and we were all having fun together.

Our two groups joined in drinking and dancing. We played a few games of pool and all the while I could feel his eyes on me. I enjoyed luring him by casting frequent glances in his direction and asking him to dance often.

He was so cool and confident without being a show-off. His friends all called him Commander and they seemed to defer to him out of respect and admiration. Whenever our eyes met I would feel my pussy ache beneath my skirt.

At one point during the night I even brazenly pushed myself up against him desiring to feel his cock against my pussy. I reached behind him for my drink but lingered when I realized that his cock was hard. He reached his hands behind me and pulled my ass against him looking straight into my eyes. The excitement that coursed through my body melted me. I even felt drowsy as he let go of me. That was all it took. He had me in his grasp and I didn’t leave his side for the rest of the night.

His friends could tell that he had claimed me, and they all seemed to give me unspoken appraisal. Now I realize that they had had something in mind for the end of the evening.

When the end of the night did finally approach, my suitor asked me if I would please come with him and his friend to his house. I didn’t want this night to ever end so, of course, I agreed. A couple of his friends actually argued about who would escort us but it didn’t even cross my mind that I might have something to do with it.

He drove my car and his friend drove his because I was slightly intoxicated while he still seemed so controlled. His hand rubbed my thigh as he drove. His pinky finger would come so close to my pussy, then recede. It was driving me crazy. I wanted so badly for him to put his hand on my pussy and sink his finger into the wet opening.

I imagined myself climbing on top of him in the driver’s seat and burying his cock deep inside me. When we pulled into his driveway, his friend was already in the house so I leaned up on my knees in my seat facing him and reached out cup his balls through his pants with my hand. I rubbed upward to find his cock was hard and pointing straight up. Even through the material I could tell that his cock was thick to the point of being massive. He looked at me and smiled, then gently suggested that we go inside.

The lights were dim inside and his friend looked at us inquiringly. I greeted the friend, and took a seat at the kitchen table. That’s when the commander finally “took command” so to speak. He told me that I was very sexy and that he was having a hard time keeping his hands off me. I wanted to ask him why he was then, but he continued to talk and I didn’t want to interrupt him.

The whole while, his friend just sat off to the side of the table in a chair against the wall, watching me and remaining silent. The commander came to kneel in front of me and took my hands. He looked into my eyes and spoke: “The bar wasn’t the right place to propose this to you but I want you to know that if for any reason you are uncomfortable with anything I ask, then just let me know and I will drive you home. Now please climb up onto the table and lie on your back.”

He placed a thick comforter, folded in half, on the kitchen table. Intrigued by his request, I followed the instructions. Gently lifting my head, he placed a pillow under it, and asked me to close my eyes.

The first thing I felt was both of his hands moving up my skirt. Slowly he pulled my panties down over my legs and lifted my knees so that my feet were on the table and my pussy was exposed. I think my breathing started to get labored at that point. For some reason the knowledge that his friend was in the room witnessing this only served to arouse me more.

Perhaps out of curiosity, he ran one finger down the center of my pussy. It slid teasingly over my hole. I jerked my body towards his finger seeking penetration, but it was gone. That movement may have inspired his next command. I pushed as many fingers as I could inside my cunt, just as he requested. Then he asked me to finger-fuck myself and arouse myself. With one or two fingers of each hand pushed together, I slowly fucked my wet pussy. My cunt muscles flexed instinctively while my clit ached to be touched.

He whispered every request politely, uncertainly, but from my brief, furtive glances, I saw that he did not touch his cock. Then he motioned his friend over to me. As his friend approached I noticed that he also was quite a beauty to behold. His shoulders were broad and his chest was visible through his shirt.

His eyes had passion in them and I knew he was very turned on. I become agitated in my suspense but continued to finger-bang myself. “Please close your pretty eyes.” The commander reminded me. The youth in his voice made me marvel at his authority.

“First take off your shirt,” I surprised him by delivering a command of my own. He smiled while he pulled his T-shirt up. His fine shoulders and chest rippled as the shirt went over his head. I reached out to run my hand over his muscular abdomen. I wondered briefly if I was drooling, then I closed my eyes as I rested my hand on his cock. Oh, how it wanted to be released from those pants!

Finally I felt two hands gently press my legs apart and a tongue touched my clit. I knew it was his friend because the commander’s voice still spoke from beside me. I moaned and thrust my hips forward. “Now please put your hands behind your head.” His voice was closer.

Timid fingers caressed my nipples briefly then pulled my shirt up to expose my breasts. Now his breathing was getting labored as he ran a finger around the edge of my tit. His friends tongue licked the insides of the folds of my cunt as the commander whispered into my ear.

“Such perfection. My dick was hard the moment I saw you on that dance floor. I imagined your pussy but it is even more beautiful than I had thought.” The friend was gone but replaced by the commander’s hand as his finger probed the inside of my pussy. “Tighter than I could have hoped”, he breathed into my ear.

My swollen and pink pussy-lips throbbed, longing for deep penetration. The finger entered me but it was a tease. “More!” I pleaded pulling my pussy away. The boys were confused. I felt the friend’s tongue uncertainly lick around my button. I shivered with pleasure but it was not enough. “I want a cock!” I scolded quietly with frustration.

I opened my eyes and looked at the commander, so young to be amazing me. “I want your fresh cock,” I whispered huskily gazing up at him. I feared he would say no. He came to stand in between my legs and pulled me towards him until I felt his erection press against me through his pants. Instinctively my hole contracted against the pressure. A groan escaped my lips.

I tried to press my clit against him but he was gone. Before I could protest, he was suddenly pushing the head of his large, stiff cock into me. It slid easily yet slowly into my tight twat which opened reluctantly to envelop his vast size. I could not keep from moaning my approval.

He leaned over me, breathing into my ear the ways he would like to take me, until his cock was fully enclosed in my sex. “I wanted to fuck you on that dance floor and up against that pool table. I wanted to slide my cock up under your skirt and make you come against me.”

The friend just watched as I wildly began to rock against the commander’s tense, muscular stomach. Twisting my hips vigorously he held me against him so that I could gyrate freely but not lose our grind. I’m sure I was quite vocal but unaware and without restraint; I rocked my clit against him as my tension increased so rapidly that there was no coherent rhythm to my frenzy.

My eyes wandered to the other side of the room where the friend masturbated in a chair as he watched my body spasm against our sweet commander. Our eyes locked momentarily. That one look sent me over the edge into orgasm. Convulsions of pleasure tore through my body as thousands of goose bumps covered my skin.

As reality sneaked back into my consciousness, I noticed that I held the commander very close and wondered if he had come at the same time. I cradled his head in my arms, peered across the room and felt some pity for the friend who came in his hand.

As if he’d been reading my mind, he slowly withdrew, slammed once right back into me (which nearly sent me into another climax), then withdrew again fully till he stood in front of me with that magnificent, giant cock of his standing obediently at full attention, unsatiated.

I reached out to take his hard cock in my hand as the friend approached the table where I laid. The commander allowed me to direct him to the side of the table where I took his cock into my mouth. It was so big that I could barely get my lips over the tip. I swirled my tongue around the head tasting my own pussy juices.

With my eyes closed, I began to stroke his cock with my hand while sucking on the end of it with my mouth. I was so caught up in what I was doing that I didn’t notice the friend taking his position between my thighs. The friend began to lap hungrily at my cunt, slurping up the juices that covered it. I felt his tongue entering my pussy and started to rock my hips to the rhythm of my own hand and mouth.

The commander held the edge of the table with his hands and was careful not to jerk towards my face too hard. I felt the friend gently pull open my pussy lips and lick along the insides of them grazing my clit with each gesture. When he stopped, I could tell the commander was close to coming by the way he wrapped his fingers in my hair and fought the urge to slam into my throat.

He pulled away from me to stop himself and I looked up at him wondering why he did not just let it happen. He petted my hair back from my face and asked me to close my eyes again. I reached out for him as I did this but he was gone.

I felt hands on my thighs pulling my legs up and placing my feet over the shoulders of one of them. I felt the sensation of a cock sliding around my pussy lips, and then slowly pushing into me. I could tell that this was not the commander entering me and my body shivered from arousal.

The friend seemed keen on following instructions, so I gave him some of my own. Still with my eyes closed, I whispered under my breath but loud enough to be heard, “Fuck me really hard, please, harder.” The friend’s cock was not so big that it would hurt me to do this.

It did not last long, I was barely on the edge of orgasm when the friend pulled out and I felt his hot semen splashing over my belly and breasts. I was still rotating my hips with desire when I felt the now familiar massive cock enter. The commander had taken the place of his friend to satisfy my needs.

He pushed into me and covered my upper body with his. I wrapped my legs around him and started to fuck him so hard I’m sure my shaved pussy gave him whisker-burn. One of his fists clenched the hair on the back of my head while the other held my lower back off the table to press my clit against him.

I had both arms wrapped around his neck as I breathed groans of pleasure in his ear. He didn’t move as I approached my orgasm. My nipples hardened. And just as I fell into mindless, shudders of pleasure, the commander pumped his cock into me until he too exploded violently against me.

I held his pelvis against my clit to prolong the ecstasy that flooded me. Goosebumps covered the commander’s body. I bit into his shoulder, as my cunt gyrated against him still. This motion created aftershocks that made me come again softly as he grunted in my ear, “You’re so tight and your pussy won’t let go of me”.

It was true. “Fuck me again,” I pleaded. Tears came to my eyes – I wanted him so bad. But suddenly I was exhausted; I relaxed my body and smiled at him. When I looked around again, the friend was gone and I was alone with the man who had lured me here.

He cleaned off my stomach with a warm, wet cloth and then meticulously washed my pussy lips and around my opening as well. He helped me put my clothes in order and even put my panties back on me him self. All I could think about was doing this again.

“Please don’t let this be the only time” I heard myself say out loud. Then looking sincerely into his eyes, “Thank you”.

And he kissed me deeply, pulled me close and whispered in my ear, “If you wish to stay, I could fuck you all night. Please stay.”

And how could I refuse? I had just one question, “Will any of your friends be joining us?”

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