Monday, June 11, 2007

Heartbreaking Goodbyes

Landmarks in my life – Legends in our towns
One by one we say goodbye to the Barnet, the Arch, and the Arms
The loud music, stage lights, and laughing faces fade
The dens of evil we know and love where we welcome the sexually depraved
No more naked, shaking breasts – we sadly say goodbye
To the Lougheed, the Ears, Delaneys, the Duck and the NBI
We weep to witness our strip clubs replaced
The Coach House, the Tudor, and now the Drake
One less place to work, one less place to escape in the night
One less option for women not born for the straight life
The disappearing act in a show that shows it all
Abracadabra – the strip club becomes a strip mall
All the world blind to our pain and our precious paid stage gains
As we desperately try to save what of our industry remains.

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