Thursday, June 7, 2007

Sex Worker Co-op is Pro-life

After reading some of the comments in the Georgia Straight today about the sex worker cooperative, one in particular stood out for me.

David Bornman
- Pastor, West Coast Christian Fellowship said:

"First of all, the idea is against our Criminal Code. The issue of how we govern the issues around the sex trade needs to be debated and decided by our MPs before communities implement illegal solutions of their own. I am concerned for the dignity of human life."

He is also quoted in another article in the Straight today:

[David Bornman is an East Vancouver pastor with a long history of involvement in community issues, including an unsuccessful fight to keep slot machines out of Hastings Park. In a phone interview with the Straight, he likened a sex workers cooperative to a brothel, which is illegal under the Criminal Code.

"I would definitely oppose it," he said. "I can tell you that."]

I am sure his heart is in the right place but I don't feel that he has enough understanding of the issues to take such a strong stand against our initiative. So I wrote this letter to the editor to the Georgia Straight in response:

Dear Editor,

Re: Sex Worker Co-op

Pastor David Bornman says he is concerned for the dignity of human life. So am I. I am so concerned that I am in full support of a sex worker cooperative where workers can ply their trade in a safe space and have access to the very human dignity Mr. Bornman talks about. I am a Christian who has no illusion that the sex trade is going anywhere. Instead of rallying against the only good solution yet to provide safe sex work options, I think we should support this initiative. Christians everywhere should be following God’s law, of loving everyone equally – something our criminal code lacks significantly. It is about time somebody said no to the violence and slaughter of our women. And Christians should be leading the charge. If this coop recommendation isn’t pro-life, I don’t know what is.

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