Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Courtenay Strip Clubs

I read in The Naked Truth forums about how Courtenay has put a bylaw in place to restrict exotic dancing in their town. My dad lives there, so in dedication to him and to all in that town who deserve to enjoy naked women whenever they want, I sent this letter to the Comox Valley Record. If they hold another community meeting and I'm told about it in time for me to make it down there - I will also attempt to visit Dad and speak on behalf of strip clubs.

Dear Editor,

I am the founder of a resource and advocacy website for exotic dancers at I also coordinate the annual Exotic Dancers for Cancer in Memory of Jocelyne Sioui. It has recently come to our attention that the city of Courtenay has put a bylaw in effect regarding strip clubs. We’ve also heard that a “converted” former exotic dancer has been supporting this movement to rid Courtenay of strippers. We feel that she is misrepresenting the industry and it pains us to think someone who was once a part of our community could work so hard to harm us. When strip clubs close down, it means less safe work options for women. This is a feminist issue and a human rights one. Taking away safe work options for women puts them at a higher risk of compromising their physical boundaries to support themselves and their families. Exotic Dancing is a valid and legal, non-contact option for women. Courtenay has a reputation for enjoying strippers and welcoming them. The Courtenay House was a favourite on the circuit for many dancers because the customers and staff appreciated and respected them. We are saddened to hear that the closing of such a great club has incited this movement to get rid of strippers altogether. We ask that the community of Courtenay re-evaluate this hasty decision. And we ask the residents of Courtenay to show their support for having safe work options for women in their community. It is not the place of elected officials to eliminate the livelihood of an already marginalized population of women workers – women who pay their taxes and vote. It is their place to maintain safe work options and support businesses that are doing the same.

Trina Ricketts aka Annie Temple

Surrey, BC


jasonp said...

Your argument is very well stated. Did they print it?

Annie Temple said...

Thanks! I don't know. Not that I'm aware of.