Friday, July 6, 2007

Hard Day

Today is already a hard day. I'm feeling emotional and near tears a lot. But I will soon be distracted by obligation.

I am meeting with a girlfriend who wants to start a service in Surrey. She found a space in a Church basement or something like that. My experience with Surrey Girlz is where I come in. I can offer a lot of advice and cover all the basics of what needs to be in place. This is not my project, it's hers and another woman's. But I believe in them and in their project. It will also get my mind off shit. My daughter is off with her dad and I'm alone with my son today. He's such a charming little man. So much like HIS father.

Well, he's hanging onto me now, so I must go. I've really been turning this blog into a journal lately. Much more than I have in the past. It feels good to get it out.

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