Monday, July 16, 2007


I am a pot of boiling water with the lid held firmly in place to contain the inferno inside. The bubbles roll and roil inside of me. I spit and sizzle. My skin is electric with heat. Each day I go about my life with a smile on my face and a facade of easy cheer. But the rage rumbles inside. It has erupted completely once. The lid flew right off for a moment in time. It took some athletic control and deep breathing alone in my room to put it back on. Still, outbursts of scalding water seep out in fits and spurts. I can put the rage away for hours at a time, yet it lurks in the background of the daily motions of living. But feed the flame even a little with my thoughts, is like turning up the element. Then the seething begins again. Can I keep the lid on until the rage passes? Or will this pot boil over?

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