Sunday, July 8, 2007

So much to be thankful for

Yay! I'm getting my tattoo coloured in this week. I'm also going to see two of my favourite ppl tomorrow to plan a project for the coalition that I will most likely coordinate! Then after that I will get to celebrate their birthdays with them at a mutual friend's house - and I'll see more friends I absolutely love and cherish. Tonight we're having a bbq with my family - the kids are ecstatic about it. And then at 8:30 I will be doing another pole dance party. Making some quick, easy cash doing something fun! Only thing is that I'm covered in bruises from the pole dance party I did last night. I was being a showoff. But I don't get on the pole often enough for my skin to toughen up. So I'm literally covered in bruises down my legs and on my feet. There will be no showing off tonight. :)

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