Monday, July 23, 2007

What Some Women Do

Well, I could never actually do it myself. But I understand why women do it. The temptation for escape is so strong. A relationship turned sour. The daily trudge of sacrificing your own happiness for the security of your children. For me, it’s that I’ve known for a long time being a mother isn’t enough for me. I have an insatiable need to create. I am filled with ideas for creation at all hours of the day and night. I even dream creations. And now, when I look with jaded eyes on the truth, look at all my sacrifices in my relationship and for my children, and find it’s built on pain and betrayal – and I see the other side, the carefree life, the time before children when I could just pick up my heels and run out the door dancing, when a man’s deceipt is a contemptuous sneer in passing thereafter – I can see why women would leave their families.

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