Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Generous Donors Have Breast Intentions

Whoever says that nothing in life is free is wrong. As someone who has received many gifts in exchange for nothing but my gratitude, I applaud the creation of

I think it’s a brilliant and creative way to connect generous men with small-breasted women. Some people might say that the term “free” is misleading. Women must spend hours and hours marketing themselves and responding to their benefactors.

But how many more hours would they need to spend working at jobs they might hate to get the same outcome? How could women with limited incomes rationalize spending their hard-earned cash on breast implants when there are much more pressing needs in their lives? A couple hours a day to bring some happiness and pleasure into a generous man’s life is not a bad thing.

Some people might say that exploits women. It uses their insecurities about their bodies to entice them to interact with lusty men who want to see their boobs.

But if anyone is being exploited, it is the men. Women are taking advantage of men’s lusty desires to raise money for plastic surgery they want. It might be more appropriate to feel sorry for the men, except for the benefit they receive of interacting with charming, beautiful women. No one is getting hurt. It is a win-win situation.

Some people might say that the women should not be showing their boobs to their benefactors. This is sexual exploitation, they might say.

But as someone who has seen and felt more boobs than all my male friends put together – I can attest that women generally are proud to show and share their new boobs, particularly with people who have shown a lot of interest in them.

I go utterly cross-eyed when I try to understand why people oppose nudity anyway. If more women showed their bodies, we’d have less body image issues in our society.

We’d know that the protruding tummy on a woman does NOT always mean she’s pregnant. It’s quite a common phenomenon actually. We’d know that even the most “beautiful” women (by media standards) have cellulite and nipple hair.

I will stand in protest alongside anyone against how the media portrays women’s bodies. I worry about how it will impact my daughter. She’s only seven and her blonde hair is beginning to darken as she gets older. She’s already mourning the loss and looking toward the day when she is old enough to dye her hair blonde again.

I refuse to purchase magazines because I don’t want her rifling through them and comparing herself to the starving women who are airbrushed to appear even thinner than they already are. In the grocery store lineup, she and I count together how many magazines have headlines on the covers telling women to lose weight.

I want my daughter to be aware of the brainwashing. I want her to have some weapons internally against it.

I was completely under the spell of the media until I started stripping. As a short, small-breasted brunette with a boy’s frame (no curves and muscular), I felt quite hopeless when I looked through magazines at “beautiful” women.

It was exposing my body and seeing so many other exposed bodies that changed me. So many different body types are beautiful. It is the woman shining through that makes one more attractive than another.

And finally this is what I like most about It is the personality of the women that captures and engages the men.

Jay Moore says in his article, “The women who are generally more successful are…outgoing, intelligent and attractive.” I would venture to say that the first two qualities are more important than the last. We all know people who grow less attractive as we get to know them better. And the opposite works as well.

I find Moore attractive for his insightful arguments against opposition to his website, and I haven’t even seen what he looks like. I love a man who can win a feminist debate.

The reasons women are unhappy with their breasts may indeed centre around the pervasive media ideal that we are bombarded with every day. It may have something to do with how our breasts have changed with childbirth or age or both. It may be that women are getting implants to please their men, make more money in their jobs, or look better in a low-cut shirt.

Whatever the reason, our breasts are an important part of defining ourselves as women. Our happiness or unhappiness with our breasts affects our sexuality, our confidence, and our relationships.

If getting a boob job can enhance or improve a woman’s life in some way, then I say go for it! Get ‘em done! Show ‘em off! If I had a few extra hours a day to devote to the process, I might sign up for myself. I certainly wouldn’t begrudge a little one-on-one interaction with some lonely, generous donors.

If I ever get my boobs done, whether I pay for them myself or not, you can count on me showing them off. I might have to create a website just for that purpose. I’ll call it “” and all the boob-looking boys out there who want to see them can check them out for free. ‘Cause I happen to be quite a generous person myself. ;)

Disclaimer: It was pointed out to me by a friend after I'd written this, that many similar sites have been a scam. They build up their database of women raising funds, then keep the money raised by women who don't successfully meet their goal. Then they shut down suddenly and take all the money that has been fundraised by the various community members. Please be aware that this may be the case with

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