Friday, August 17, 2007

Life as of late

Well, I've been in spring cleaning mode - yes, I know it's not spring anymore. I've cleaned out and re-organized my bedroom, the kids' room, and the storage room off the kitchen. Yesterday I organized my desk and a few boxes from my last office space in our old house almost two years ago. I have a huge pile of diaries I started and never finished. One of these days I'm going to type them out in order and view a bit of my life, then maybe try to fill in the blanks a little since I rarely wrote when I was in the midst of major life changes.

I am determined to spend more time writing but I'm not successful at getting up early in the morning. But that is honestly the only time I can think of to fit it in around my busy life with two young kids. My daughter will be starting school in a few weeks and life will get even busier with lunches to be made every morning and walking to and from school every day.

My partner is getting tired of where we live. It's great in every way except we can hear the highway constantly. It's driving him insane. I can tune it out, but I do long for tranquility like what we found during our holiday to Nelson.

My cousin has asked me to MC his wedding in September. I am honoured and accepted. I will be going to Kelowna by myself to fulfill this role. I'm also organizing the fourth annual exotic goddess night sexpo for women this year again. It's a fundraiser for PACE Society. I'm so happy we'll be holding it at the Penthouse!

Another thing I've done that gives me immense satisfaction is I've finally caught up with my nakedtruth emails. I had over 250 of them that were important but not urgent, so I hadn't answered or responded to them - some from over a year ago. They'd just started piling up and the bigger they got, the less inclined I was to go through them. But Wednesday I had daycare and not much to do since the sexpo date wasn't yet completely confirmed. I would have liked to spend the day writing but I was in "clean out" mode, so I focused on my emails. Now, with less clutter generally, the desire to sit and write for hours is even stronger.

Life goes on and the kids get older - oops, so am I. lol

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