Friday, September 21, 2007

Discrimination in Grand Prairie

Caylis posted a link in the naked truth forums about "stripper hatred in Alberta" that led to this article: Strip Club Gets Fee Clubbed. I was saddened and dismayed to see several quotes made by city officials including the mayor that are deliberately, without shame, discriminatory comments towards the exotic dance industry. I responded to the article at the "submit your views" link with this.

It is disheartening to see, once again, an example of wholly unashamed discrimination towards exotic dancers and the industry that employs them. I believe it is a case of ignorance that blinds people who make sweeping derogatory comments about an industry they do not understand. Strip clubs are beneficial to women because they create jobs that offer sufficient financial remuneration to make a decent living. They are beneficial to men because they provide a platonic sexual outlet in a society that shames and criminalizes them. This club in particular, Showgirls in Grand Prairie, has received good reviews from dancers who’ve worked there. They provide clean, well-equipped accommodations and have friendly, professional staff and management. If anything, this club should receive breaks for being a club that is not exploitive, that treats its performers with the respect they deserve. Raising the fees is discrimination, pure and simple. The mayor and councilors should be ashamed of themselves for punishing a business based simply on their own misguided moral superiority and the fact they have the power to do it.

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Hazel said...

Absolutely Shameful.

These municipalities are making a killing off erotic workers. By charging fee's thousands of times higher than other comparable legal and legitimate businesses they are showing their hand, and its a pathetic one at that. Their cards indicate they are cowards. Thats right I said it. If they think exotic dancing shouldn't be accessible then they shouldn't sell licenses for such businesses. The fact they do sell licenses for such businesses, and at such high rates indicates they don't care about "morality" they care about what they can funnel all those big bucks towards, and you can bet women's causes? At the bottom of the barrel.

I'm all for strip clubs and responsible sex work of all stripes and colours. I'm angry at the hypocrisies evident in the upper levels of municipal governments in Alberta, BC, and Manitoba especially for these very same practices.

Alberta is in a Boom, yet the homelessness is worsening and instead of doing anything about that and other really in your face desperately needed to be attended to things, go by the way side to focus on what This? Persecuting sexy women?