Saturday, September 1, 2007

Feminist Abolitionists Part II

A recent tragic death of another sex worker in Vancouver has sparked a debate that has been ongoing for too long now. The Georgia Straight published an article outlining the various arguments in this debate, and it brought up my discomfort with the whole thing all over again.

Feminist abolitionists are using this death to support their argument that sex work is never safe and always violence, because the victim was an indoor worker. Sex worker advocates are devastated by the death of another member of our community, and are tired of having to defend our industry from the stigma that tells abusers that we're open game for their homicidal tendencies.

In particular, the coop that the coalition (of which I am a member) is attempting to create for a safe sex work space is under attack from Rape Relief Vancouver. They are a very backward, backwoods, idiotic group of feminists. Other Rape Relief's are very supportive of sex workers in their communities, whereas in Vancouver - Rape Relief is synonymous with Hooker Hater.

From the day my eyes were opened that there was a different mode of feminist thinking - one that supported what I'd learned as a stripper and rid me of the conflict I felt identifying myself as a feminist - I have been pissed off at feminists who are anti-sex, man-hating, and critical of sex industry workers.

I have sent letters to the editor, complained in the naked truth forums, written blogs and articles about it, and protested in person. How these women are capable of rationalizing their prejudices, I have no idea. There is a part of me that is enraged. But I'm trying to not be like them and send out hate energy into the world. I try to believe that with love and understanding, maybe they could be persuaded from their ignorance.

But it's hard and I have to admit that mostly I am just disgusted and angry at these women who seek to eliminate sex work - including but not limited to: prostitution, exotic dance, and pornography. They devalue the experiences of women in this work saying we are too incompetent and exploited to realize our own degradation. They have created a society where men are made to feel shame on many levels, but particularly around sex. Fuck this shit. I mean, I love men. I loved being an exotic dancer. It had it's low points, to be sure. But it was the best job I've ever had. I miss it.

In my anger I've developed some prejudices of my own against feminist abolitionists - or cock-blockers, as my friend Susie likes to call them.

-They don't shave their armpits.
-They have shitty sex lives.
-They are extremely insecure about their bodies.
-Many are dykes, but the ones who aren't are very jealous when it comes to their men.
-They are extremely judgmental about beautiful women
-They don't believe in marriage (a patriarchal institution and besides, they hate men) and they scorn women who do get married.
-They dress down to hide their bodies.
-They think every man is going to rape them.
-Most of them are highly intelligent and their efforts could be much more useful and productive if focused on a proactive project rather than a hateful one that is grounded in ignorance.

Those bitches need to back off.

Sorry. I just need to vent.


Sachin Samy said...

Hi dear friend' really a beautiful blog you have. well i also famed you in blogging to fame. i hope you will take me as a friend and come to see my blog an if you like it "fam me" i will be waiting for you. . .

Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for this post. It is a rant I completely share, only articulated much better (than me)

TR said...

Thanks Hazel. It means a lot that you post comments every now and then. From reading your blog, I have a feeling we'd get along great in person too!