Friday, September 7, 2007

A Trustworthy Mechanic in South Surrey, BC

Every woman knows that when her car breaks down, she should get a man to take it to the shop. Mechanics have a well-earned reputation for taking advantage of the limited knowledge most women have about their vehicles. As someone who has never owned a car younger than 1991 and most much older, I’ve had my share of experiences with rip-off mechanics. That’s why I’m writing this post. I want other women to know there is one they can trust. When my minivan started having transmission troubles, I called Colin from Semiahmoo Automotive in South Surrey. I had dealt with him before and felt reasonably sure he was trustworthy. My instincts were correct. Colin checked under the hood, made several calls to a transmission specialist, told me what questions to ask when I took my car to a transmission place, warned me how I might be taken advantage of so I could watch for it, and took my car for two test drives while we were trying to find the problem. He did it all at no charge and explained everything as he went. He deserves recognition for his honesty and integrity. I’ll never take my car anywhere else.

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