Tuesday, November 27, 2007

My Little Love Bug

Last night my baby couldn't breathe. I woke suddenly to the sound of croupy coughing at midnight and jumped out of bed before I realized what I was doing. He couldn't talk. When I tried to give him his inhaler, he fought me which made it even harder for him to breathe. But I forced it on him. Twice. An hour and heartbreaking, shallow gasps of air that disturbed me sincerely later, I sat in his bedroom watching him attempt to sleep. He was so tired. Maybe it was the ventilin or maybe it was the inability to breathe - while he seemed to be calmer, he could not fall asleep. Neither could I. I paced the house, come back, listen to him wheezing away and kiss his cheek. Then I'd pace the house again. Or I'd just sit there knowing I wouldn't sleep tonight. We did a short trip to the hospital but I left before we saw a doctor because his breathing and temperament had improved so significantly. Sometimes it's good just to go to the hospital so that the ailment will disappear. Funny how that happens. But I was asleep again by 3 am - in record time! And the coughs woke me again at 6:30 am. This time he let me give him the ventilin easily. Today, my little love bug is home with Mommy for the day, cuddling and sleeping. How precious our lives are. This Mommy just wants to take all pain away. Kiss it better for real.

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