Tuesday, December 11, 2007


And the trial ends
But the mourning continues for
Family and friends
Mona, Sereena, Andrea, Brenda, Georgina,
Marnie was my cousin's mom
Six of the numerous women
Now gone
And the preying continues
Even though one man's jailed
The fight to stop sex work
Has miserably failed
And other more effective
Ways to stop violence
Are sneered at and opposed
By "feminist" advisement
It's hard to stand by
While my camarades are murdered
Not by paying johns
As many have heard

It's not sex work that kills us
When we hit the streets
We're ignored like the blisters
We have on our feet
Watch me walk for my dinner,
My rent, my next hit
Watch me run from the killer,
The cops, the thrown shit
They all say I am trafficked
And yes it is true
But the people who move me
Are the boys in blue
They red zone me, arrest me,
There's no laws that protect
Not for me - I am nothing
My screams they neglect

And I say to the masses
Their heads up their asses
Get off the high horses
Your MP endorses
And I beg of my sisters
Who buy into the whispers
That sex work is wrong
And must only be gone
And I spit at the women
Who "speak for all women"
As though they are prophets
Against all the harlots

The violence won't end
Until something is done
It's murder that all
Of your efforts have won

Shut your mouth
For you speak of something you know not
It's hard enough fighting this war
For years we have fought

Let us WIN - Damn your soul
And let workers be safe
And go focus your sick efforts
In some other place.

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