Wednesday, January 9, 2008

2008 - Year of Reality

I don't usually make resolutions on New Year's. Not with my birthday only days away and a good chance I will break those resolutions immediately. I make resolutions on my birthday. Last year I quit smoking for 5 months starting on my birthday. This year, I have quit smoking AGAIN, and I will also not drink alcohol for a year. This will be the year of reality.

Here are some excuses why I've decided to stop drinking for one year.
-There is so much momentum in my life right now and a clear head is imperative.
-It's not that my drinking has gotten out of control, on the contrary, I don't enjoy it anymore, so I do it less and less.
-I won't have to pee as often (maybe I should cut out coffee too).
-No more hangovers - even one or two drinks can make my mornings uneasy and queasy.
-I want to prove to myself that I can do it.
-It's good to detoxify the system once in a while.
-No chance of me making an ass of myself while drunk - I'm good at doing it completely sober anyway.
-It will make it easier not to smoke cigarettes.
-Never will need a designated driver.
-I really admire the people I know who do not drink alcohol.
-I am setting a good example for my kids (as long as they don't figure out I'm smoking pot when they aren't around).

I could come up with many more excuses than those listed above, but I'm not even sure what my reason really is. I've been considering it for a long time, and I just finally felt inspired to do it. So I've done it.

The year of reality has begun.


JOARY said...

..How I wish I could be
as strong as you

Anonymous said...

I can't drink much at all now. I just don't have the urge or taste to do so, although I do like a cold beer when I've been working hard all day, especially in the summer heat.

Hazel Main said...

Hey Hope you had a terrific birthday! Love your resolutions. I rarely drink but I've got about 2.5 cigs a day that won't leave me alone! You'd think I'd be able to just quit by now. Cutting down slowly? Ha my resolution should be to quit procrastinating but eh well hell I'll get too it later.
Happy 2008!

Annie Temple said...

I used the book "Allen Carr's Easy Way to Stop Smoking" and it really did help! The secret is actually wanting to stop, not just stopping but secretly wanting to smoke. :) Good luck!