Thursday, January 17, 2008

Another One Bites the Dust - RIP Mugs and Jugs II

Post edit: Mugs and Jugs has reopened in Surrey!

The Royal City Record also ran a story with my comments in it. I haphazardly found it in a google search. Completely forgot about it. LOL

Closure Means One Less Job Site for Dancers

Published: Saturday, January 12, 2008

Exotic dancers have taken their last spin around the pole at Mugs and Jugs.

Trina Ricketts, who formerly worked as an exotic dancer, is the founder of The Naked Truth, an online resource where exotic dancers can keep each other informed and offer support and encouragement to one another. She said the closure of Mugs is the latest blow to women working as exotic dancers.

"They are all closing down. Exotic dancers are losing their jobs, as well as the support staff," she said. "It is really sad."

Ricketts said some exotic dancers may feel they need to "cross personal boundaries" they normally wouldn't cross if venues keep closing, while others may find it difficult to find jobs in the "mainstream world" because of the stigma associated with exotic dancing.

"The clubs are closing down like crazy," she said. "Business owners are selling because the clubs are not as profitable."

Some communities, said Ricketts, are "attacking the industry" and are having strip clubs closed down.

"Mugs and Jugs was one of the clubs that was profitable," she said. "It was so busy."

While it may have been popular among patrons, it seems Mugs and Jugs was also popular among dancers.

"I did a poll on the Naked Truth. With the dancers who are members of the Naked Truth - Mugs and Jugs was rated number 1 as the most favourite club to work at," she said. "They have really great management. You can go in there - it is non-contact VIP dances. The security is good. The staff are amazing. It is a very supportive environment to work at. Some places don't have security. If dancers run into trouble, they had to take care of it themselves."

Ricketts noted that exotic dancers rated Mugs and Jugs as their Number 1 venue to perform, even though it had "atrocious" change rooms.

"It's just so sad all these clubs are closing. We were going to hold our Exotic Dancers for Cancer event there this year. It is our signature event," she said. "I was going to hold it at the club rated Number 1."

Ricketts said Mugs and Jugs had a longtime, regular clientele. The regulars were "very appreciative" and clapped for the dancers.

"The same customers have been coming for years and years. New West is an open minded community," she said. "It's a favourite club of people in general. ... So many people were upset it was closing down. It is a landmark."


Shane said...

Mugs and Juggs is reopening at the Turf Hotel on King George on May 3rd!!

Anonymous said...

as an ex Manager to both mugs and chicagos, I am proud to say that it was important to treat the dancers as employees and to ensure that the unruly customers were removed from the room to ensure security to the dancers and waitresses as well. If they are rude to the dancers they would also be rude to the waitresses. I would not accept that from anybody. I was sad to see it go, It was a good memory and was fun to be part of its history