Thursday, January 31, 2008

Bill C-17 and Foreign Exotic Dancers

There is a federal law being proposed that could ban foreign strippers from getting visas to Canada. It’s called bill C-17.

Yesterday members from the federal foreign immigration committee met to discuss changes.

Mary Taylor from the Exotic Dancers Rights Association of Canada will be interviewed on The Verdict - CTV - tonight between 9-10pm ET. Tim Lambrinos from the Adult Entertainment Association of Canada will also be on the panel (he's a club owner in Ontario, I believe).

Update on Bill C-57 (B-C-17)

Personally, I think the main points that should be emphasized (and I did pass this on to Mary - but I have great faith in her ability to handle herself with the media) are:
  1. Keeping foreign exotic dancers legally out of Canada will not reduce exploitation. It will increase illegal immigration of dancers, thereby substantially increasing their likelihood of being exploited.

  2. Traveling to dance is an industry standard. Canadian dancers travel to other countries to perform, and dancers from other countries travel to Canada. Would we stop a business man from entering Canada because of an increase in people getting tasered at airports?

  3. By saying that foreign exotic dancers will not be allowed into Canada “in case” they might be exploited, completely ignores any exploitation that may already be occurring in Canada. If the federal government truly cared about exploitation of exotic dancers, then they would investigate complaints of exploitation at the source – those doing the exploiting! There must be complaints if they are so concerned about foreign dancers being exploited that they won’t even allow them into our country. And what about Canadian exotic dancers. If exploitation is occurring to foreign dancers, why do they assume it is not happening to Canadian citizens?

  4. This measure will not reduce exploitation. It completely ignores what exploitation may already be occurring and increases the risk of black market exploitation. It is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard of. And we’re supposed to believe our elected officials have any sense?!

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