Friday, February 29, 2008

This Little Light of Mine

I finally truly believe we are all equal, although I've been saying so for years.

When I see people who are generally condemned by greater society, I identify with them. I see my equals. They might be the ones who stole my car two nights ago. Or they may be relinquishing their kids to care so they can go smoke crack.

These are my peers. It has been easy for me to speak on behalf of equality when I'm in the aura of theives, drug addicts, and whores.

The epiphany came when I realized the others I've shrunk from. The parents and teachers at my kids' school, for instance. I did not view them as equal. They were my superiors.

Of course, this is purely a figment of my warped imagination. Why I would willingly choose to think others are better, I cannot explain. We are all equal. If I do not place myself above others, then why do I place others above myself? They are not better mothers than I am. They are not standing there thinking what I am. They are standing there thinking what THEY are! They are just as intimidated by me as I am by them! What a remarkable discovery! And so goes the human exchange.

But once I saw the truth, humanity disappeared and all that was left was us. Equal. The same. Each with our own piece of genius dying to burst out in our unique ways.

This little light of mine. I'm going to let it shine.

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Anonymous said...

We may seem to be equal at the base level, but people have their advantages over others in different ways. The teachers you wrote about would most likely feel the same as you did when they went into the local garage to get their cars fixed by a crusty mechanic. I think their eyes would drop downwards as the mechanic berated them for not checking the oil level in their cars, lol. My sister is a teacher, and although they like to put on the pretend air of superiority, they really are ditzes at the base level, maybe more so than the rest of us. And when it comes to cars, unless its a shop teacher, most teachers are airheads!:)

I know where you're coming from on the ideal of equality, but even then, some really do stand out from the rest of the pack by way of natural qualities such as intelligence, beauty and determination. When we are old, however, and all those qualities have dissolved with the passing of youth, maybe then we are really equal.