Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Fifth Annual Exotic Dancers for Cancer

Another Year – Another Stripathon Fundraiser

Best Strip Clubs in BC Venues for Exotic Dancers for Cancer Sister Events

VANCOUVER: The show must go on! After the Breast Cancer Society of Canada turned down funds from a stripathon fundraiser last year, the group known as Exotic Dancers for Cancer will likely never have trouble finding recipients for their fundraisers again.

Following a massive response of outrage from citizens across Canada, the group received numerous offers to accept their donation – many from cancer organizations that had turned them down in the past. They chose Rethink Breast Cancer last year and will give the proceeds to them again this year.

The Fifth Annual Exotic Dancers for Cancer will take place at two of BC’s top rated strip clubs to work at this year. In Vancouver, the fundraiser will be held Friday, April 4th from 8 p.m. till 2 a.m. at the Penthouse Nightclub. In Victoria, the event will be held Sunday, April 6th from noon till 1 a.m. at the Red Lion.

Both clubs were tied for second place as 2007’s best clubs to work at in BC by The Naked Truth dancers – an online stripper community that founded the fundraiser five years ago in honour of a former exotic dancer who was going through treatment for cancer at the time.

Originally the event was planned to be held at Mugs and Jugs, named #1 best club in BC to work at, but the club closed late in December to add to the growing list of strip club closures across the province.

Spokesperson, Trina Ricketts, hopes the annual fundraiser will remind people to go out and support their local strippers by patronizing the clubs that are left, particularly clubs that dancers love working at the most.

“Safe working options for women disappear when strip clubs close down,” says Ricketts. “The misconception that strip clubs are vessels for organized crime where women are inherently exploited is causing widespread harm for women who have chosen this profession over minimum wage jobs.”

Ricketts is working with government officials to change certain regulations that are also harming the industry in an attempt to increase the profitability of running strip clubs in BC and discourage initiatives that lead to more club closures.

“What people don’t seem to realize is that exotic dancers like their jobs,” says Ricketts. “We clock in and clock out, like anyone does. And we don’t think sex is evil.”

For more information about Exotic Dancers for Cancer, go to and click on “events.”

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