Friday, March 7, 2008

My Many Projects

There are so many exciting, amazing things going on in my life right now, I can hardly keep them all on track. I won't bore you with the personal stuff because, well, it's personal. But you're going to be so happy for me when you hear all the rest.

West Coast Cooperative of Sex Industry Professionals

We incorporated. I cannot begin to tell you what a beautiful success this is. I cannot take any credit for it, but I am bathing in the glow of it. Susan Davis - 2007's Ho of the Year - you are an angel sent here to spread love in so many ways. This world is so blessed by your presence in it. You are making history. You are creating a safer future for those in the sexual services. Thank you. Your hard work does not go unnoticed.

Spread Magazine

I will have an article published in the next issue of Spread Magazine about the West Coast Cooperative of Sex Industry Professionals. This is a magazine that represents a community that I've identified with for so many years. It's pretty cool to speak to my community in that magazine. It was an article I wrote with a mainstream audience in mind. What a pleasure it was to rewrite it for people who don't need excessive explanation. I'm talking to people who know my language! There's no persuasion being attempted. No defense of the life. Just an honouring of the experiences we share and the knowledge we possess. (Of course, after sending it off, I can't read the piece without wanting to tighten it more and edit it all. LOL)

Trade Secrets

A couple of weeks ago, I sat around a table with the most diverse group of sex industry professionals that ever existed for one purpose. There we sat, the strippers, the hookers (indoor and street-based), the hustlers (men), the trannies, and adult film actors. Among us, we had experienced:

-stripping on stage
-no contact private dancing
-doing stags (stripping)
-lap dancing
-survival sex work
-dom work
-sub work
-phone sex operator
-bath house
-rural and urban sex work
-acting in adult films
-producing adult films
-live, no contact, female ejaculation shows
-peep shows
-escort service
-owning our own sex industry businesses

...and so much more. The power of this group of amazing individuals moved me. This group will serve as an advisory committee for the Trade Secrets - Health and Safety in the Sex Industry project I'm coordinating. They will contribute to the basis for our trade association and the minimum health and safety standards we'll devise. I am so passionate about this project. It will give us an opportunity to regulate our own industry with no fear of external forces imposing their will on us. I'm just really happy that this is my job. I love it. Life is wonderful.

Liquor Primary Revisions

Susan Davis and I met with an MLA who wants to help us push through our revisions to the Liquor Primary guidelines that pertain specifically to exotic dancers. So friggin exciting. These revisions could potentially bring some fun back to our industry. Dancing servers, tipping encouraged, table dances, the continuation of paid stage shows in our province. If we get away with having our revisions enacted - it will be a beautiful day in Canada that the government respected an entire community that has historically been marginalized by them. One beautiful day indeed.

Exotic Dancers for Cancer

The plans are well underway for the 5th annual Exotic Dancers for Cancer event. I know Joce is looking down on us and laughing at how we've been able to use her legacy to effect change and challenge misconceptions. She is hugging me and telling me how delighted she is. I can feel it. ;) Ryann Rain is coordinating the Penthouse Vancouver event and Nicole - a hot chick in Victoria - is coordinating the Red Lion event. I am helping of course. But I am not scrambling to plan an event off the side of my toy-covered desk. I'm not neglecting my family to do it this year. Things have just worked out perfectly and my life is right on track - priorities and all.

I hope I haven't disgusted any of you with my bubbling enthusiasm. Life's just so much fun, I can't be any other way.

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