Monday, April 14, 2008

Hot Cops

Last night, at the transition house, when the cops arrived, I quickly became tongue-tied. The women in the house quickly became rowdy and flirtatious. Two strapping, young, sexy men in uniforms were attending the scene. I wonder what was the scene to them? They too seemed a little tongue-tied as they pointedly ignored the bold comments thrown at them. I had to chuckle. There is a beautiful humour to all existence that I am mesmerized by. The human comedy. One woman making angry threats and stomping through the house as she resentfully packs her room and moves her stuff out. Several other women, who only moments before had been fearfully avoiding the tirade of the first, suddenly smiling and giggling like school girls (me included). What is it about hot cops? Is it the uniform? Is it a desire to have power over them as we women know how - with our sensuality? For that matter - what is it about cops BEING hot?! It's a blessing. I think I spoke five words while those police officers were in the house. Those hot cops with their broad chests and short haircuts. It makes a girl just want to run her hands over that chest and through that hair whilst whispering dirty promises and seducing him with her lust. I just have to chuckle at those mother-fucking hot cops. And the way the women behaved like the whores in old westerns - leaning out their windows catcalling all the well-dressed cowboys. I was doing it with them in spirit. That's why I lost my language when I was the worker. I don't know how to communicate with hot cops on a professional level. LOL


KC said...

Interesting. I have been married to a "Hot Cop" for twenty one years and I always trusted my husband until recently. He has been involved with a dancer in Vancouver for over a year and I found out by accident. It's a shame that men and women who choose to take the cowardly way out and have relationships without their unsuspecting spouses knowing don't have the courage to be honest and end the relationship before destroying the family. Some people say don't blame the other person, I blame both and am now making sure his family knows exactly what type of person he really is as everyone holds him at such high regard. I always tell other women, once the uniform comes off, they all look the same and of course, he will be much poorer as a result of his choice to screw around on me. By the way, my niece is a dancer and she said the one he was with has a stellar reputation of sleeping with anyone. My niece is a very kind and gentle person and has been a great support for me since my devastating news. My kids are going to be the victims here and I will do my best to make sure their new lives will be safe. Love your Naked Truth by the way and best wishes in your career in PR.

Annie Temple said...

Wow. Thank you for sharing such an intimate experience with me. I am so sorry for your loss. Infidelity is one of the most painful things I've ever dealt with. I don't envy you at all. I am relieved that you do not "blame all dancers" for the behavior of one. I am raising my daughter to not only be loyal in her life but to support the loyalty of others. I was the other woman before and it was one of the most poisonous experiences of my life. Never to repeat again. I am thankful it was not a marriage but any infidelity will cause harm. I send you much love as you overcome this.