Monday, June 30, 2008

Practicing my Spirituality

Oh. I'm doing some soul-searching lately. I've had some "teachers" sent my way. You know, those people who come into your nice peaceful life and bring out the angry part of you, then continue to behave in ways that would normally make you angry. I've been trying my hardest to take each silly little "lesson in spirituality" and treat it with love and understanding rather than the anger that is my first reaction. Even as I write this, I have to restrain myself from writing the angry words that lurk beneath the surface. I want to use so many other words than anger, except they would be words that condemn and criticize. I am trying very hard not to condemn and criticize. I choose not to say what has me so piqued for the precise reason of not giving this situation more power through my focusing on it. I've learned a new meditation technique. I imagine myself growing out of the ground like the trees and the grass and flowers. And Pop! Here I am. Able to laugh at the silly things that vex me in a lesser state of calm.

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