Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Wish it was all simple

Life is so crazy busy right now because I'm getting married in August.

Between the transition house, Trade Secrets, kids, housework and brief snatches of fun or relaxation, I really haven't had time for the bylaw revisions or The Naked Truth (or this blog).

So I am simplifying. I want to spend more time enjoying being a mother (rather than cursing the rush and endless cleaning associated with it). To this end, I have released the small funds I receive for advertising on The Naked Truth into the hands and responsibility of another former dancer. I asked if she would also handle link exchanges, and PHEW! What a load off my back. She's an angel for taking it on and I'm so glad she's getting paid for it.

I also by divine intervention, had another member of the coalition offer to take on the budgeting/money handling part of coordinating Trade Secrets - a project to create health and safety guides for BC sex industry workers. Although it wasn't a huge time consumer (and i haven't even officially handed it off yet), it has been a great source of anxiety for me. I've never enjoyed working with numbers. I'm not bad at it. I just don't like it. I have learned that I'm not project coordinator (or event planner for that matter) material. I just want to do my part in it with the requirement being that my part is something I enjoy.

Planning my wedding is more stressful than I intended it to be. I guess because there's also a huge meaning behind it, and all these friends and family members are involved in some way. And there's just so much to think about. It's planning an event, which I always find stressful to the point of not really being worth it. And the crash after is hell. We're trying to plan our honeymoon and honestly, I just want it to be something easy and carefree - recuperation from the "big event." I know I will need it.

I'm looking forward to my stagette weekend in Kelowna, especially floating down the canal with my closest girlfriends. Especially lying on the beach and cooling off in the lake, getting a nice tan and not having to jump up every few seconds to get something for one of my kids (like tanning in the backyard). I'm looking forward to going dancing with my soul sisters. If I have a night out dancing with Tammy, Carla, and Robin at the same time (like the old days when I was 21 and going to the clubs every night of the week dancing till my heart's content with those girls and a few others). And the girls from here who are coming to my hometown with me for a few days and nights of debauchery, well, they just rock. We're going to have fun.

But right now, I have things to do. I gotta make some calls and run some errands for the wedding. I gotta clean the house and ooh, I better feed the kids breakfast to start! And I'd really like to get some exercise today. How 'bout a long walk with the kids. That sounds good.

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