Thursday, September 18, 2008

Liquor Revision Success!

Tipping strippers is finally completely legal in BC! To learn more of the history leading up to this wonderful success, check out these other blog entries:

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I finally received an email today showing that revisions have been made to the liquor primary regulations around exotic dancing. While they are not everything we asked for, they are better than the originals. So I am happy with them and consider it a successful initiative. I hope you all feel the same.

The changes take effect immediately and are as follows:

Clothing may consist of stage costume:
-Exotic dancers must continue to be clothed while walking through the audience before and after performances, however, clothing may consist of their stage costume, provided the entertainer's breasts and genitalia are covered.

Employment in establishments:
-Policy has been clarified with respect to when an exotic dancer may be employed as a server. The exotic dancer/adult-oriented performers may not act as servers or hold any other employment position in your establishment while working in their role as entertainers. However, when individuals are not working in their role as an entertainer, they may be employed as servers or hold other positions of employment in our establishment. Exotic dancing/adult entertainment must not be combined with serving or any other employment position.

Mandatory Surveillance Cameras:
-All new licensed establishments that intend to provide exotic dancing or adult-oriented entertainment will be required to install surveillance cameras in all private show/VIP booths. All existing licensed establishments will be required to install surveillance cameras in their private show/VIP booths within 12 months.

Tipping and Promotional Material:
-Exotic dancers/adult-oriented performers must not touch, share food and beverages or pass objects to members of the audience or touch, share food and beverages with other performers. However, tipping and the distribution of promotional material are permitted provided there is no physical contact between the entertainers and each other or with an audience member.

For a copy of the memo, email me at and I will forward it to you.

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Susan said...

Way to go! That's really something. I'm so happy to see a legal decision/code revision that works for dancers.