Friday, October 31, 2008

Surrey Strip Clubs in the Early Afternoon

I went out to support my local strippers yesterday with my good friend, Mz. Scream. She's a hot, squirt girl with a cool attitude and big heart. It did me good to have some girl time with a smart, funny, interesting girl. Sometimes I forget how much I need to spend more time with my various female friends.

Anyhow, Surrey is local to me, so we checked out the new Mugs and Jugs at the Turf Hotel. I thought it was not too bad, although they do need a sign over their door. We walked all the way around the building before we found the door we were looking for, and then it wasn't even marked, so we weren't sure until we pulled it open. The dancers didn't look too enthused. I thought it could be because it was a slow crowd and no one sitting in front row. I remember that making a difference for me when I was dancing - it's lonely up there without any front row guys! ;)

The staff was great as they always have been at Mugs. I bet I could drum up business pretty easily with a little media pitching, but I'd have to be paid well to do it!

After Mugs, we drove up to the Byrd. We got there at 2:30 and it doesn't open till 3, so we went next door to the lounge while we waited. I just love that place! It reminds me of the Ivanhoe a little - friendly people, casual atmosphere, cheap drinks.

The Byrd was another dark strip club. We found a spot up behind the window in the old smoking section (before it was outlawed recently). We immediately noticed that the floor was very wet and sticky. Here's a hint: Don't put your purse on the floor at the Byrd. hahaha

It was very cold in there too, which made sense why the floors were wet. They would need heaters on them to clean up THAT mess. But for a damp, dank club - we had a great time! The dancers were all very enthusiastic and the same customers that have sat around the end pole for over ten years (at least since I started dancing 11 years ago) are still there. It warmed my heart.

That club has changed hands many times, but for some reason I've always felt at home when I've been there - either working or as a customer. I know a few dancers that have hated working there. But it was one of my favourite gigs (except for that year or two when they required free shows and I avoided it).

If it had been later in the day or we'd had all day, we would have stopped by T Barz, the Clover Inn, and maybe even made our way out to the Alder. We would have mourned the passing of Delanies and discussed the ridiculousness of all those Chilliwack citizens opposing the newest club in the Lower Mainland - the Vault.

There's nothing like a dark, loud strip club in the middle of a rainy day to put some cheer into you.

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