Sunday, October 12, 2008

Why I'm Voting NDP

There are many reasons why we should vote NDP during this 2008 Federal Election. One of the main reasons is that the NDP support decriminalization of laws pertaining to adult consensual sex work in Canada - laws that have directly led to the mass murder of women in our country.

How anyone (like Conservative leader, Stephen Harper) can say out loud that they do not support the decriminalization of these laws, just blows my mind. There have been numerous studies done to expose the impact of these laws on Canadian men and women - and yes, that is what they are: Canadian sex worker citizens who deserve just as much right to safety and dignity as anyone else in our country - and every study comes up with the same recommendation. Decriminalize adult consensual sex work. Period.

There is only one study that does not recommend decriminalization, although it emphasizes over and over again in the final report that the current laws are leading to violence and murder. The 2006 Report of the Subcommittee on Solicitation Laws is a joke of a report. If you read the entire thing, it becomes obvious that the laws should be repealed. But when the recommendations begin to emerge - the obvious one is avoided. How pathetic is that?

In fact, if you read page 89 of the report, you will see that all the federal parties support a repeal of these dangerous laws EXCEPT the Conservatives! It always amazes me that the moral crusaders are the last ones to care about the most marginalized peoples. Just another example of Christian hypocrisy at its finest.

What also blows my mind is how some of these decisions are made. The government group consulted with everyone who even has a fucking opinion on prostitution, when they should have consulted ONLY with currently working sex workers. You ask any sex worker who is CURRRENTLY working - never mind the formers who live in eternal internalized shame for their past occupations - should be consulted. You ask any sex worker if the laws are harmful, and she will tell you they are. She or he will tell you that the laws make it impossible for a sex worker to report violence, or to be taken seriously when they are reporting violence, or to be believed in a court of law after reporting violence.

Ask any feminazi who is connected to rape relief vancouver or awan - and you will get a real life example of women oppressing women in the name of feminism. I call them haters. They can't even stop to realize their own superiority complexes. Why the fuck should anyone ask THEM whether the laws should be decriminalized or not. Are they CURRENTLY out there working as sex workers?! No. And that is the simple reason their opinions should be obsolete.

You ask any sex worker who is currently working, and she or he will tell you that there is a need for safe, indoor workspaces for sex workers.

Decriminalizing sex work is just one step in the process of recognizing the human rights of sex workers. Safe work spaces and exiting programs are two more. There ARE solutions. It's just that the people who have the solutions are ignored. And the people who seek merely to abolish an industry that isn't going anywhere, can keep chasing their own tails.

At least we can all agree on one thing - the feminazi's and the rest of us who care about the human rights of all people equally...don't vote Conservative.

Why should we not vote Conservative? Well, that's easy...

They break their promises
They have eliminated and otherwise crippled women's programs in Canada
They have increased the power of religious groups over reputable, women's groups
For more information about why others do not support the Conservatives from a green or economic perspective, see this recent Straight article.

The final reason I am voting NDP is because of all the parties that I've ever sent emails or inquiries to, the NDP are the only party who have ever responded to my emails. Now why do you think that is?

Perhaps it is because when they see issues of the sex industry in an email sent to them, they do not immediately dismiss the email as "not important." This industry is ignored for the most part, but there are people out there who believe in rights for workers, regardless of the work they do. And their political name is NDP.

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