Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Orgasm Glutton

Sometimes I feel like an orgasm glutton
I can't have just one, without having a dozen
It's something I'm sure every woman will agree
That's hard not to do when they come so easy

I just plug in my super and powerful vibe
The one that you actually can't put inside
With the vibe on my clit, I work the controls like a tuner
I notice that if I breathe hard I come sooner

That first one is sometimes elusive, it's true
So that's when I think of a hard dick or two
But after I finally feel myself blow
I know that the next "O" will quickly follow

So I rest for a moment and plan out my day
Then I shift my attention back to my self play
And after each little eruption of joy
I tell myself, now I should put back the toy

And that's when I feel like an orgasm glutton
I know I can come at the touch of a button
Cause every orgasm comes faster than before
But after awhile my clit gets real sore

Then later when I am in bed with my lover
My clit is so raw that I hide in the covers
And realize I went way too far and that sucks
Cause "O"'s are much better when you're getting fucked

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