Friday, March 27, 2009

Abbotsford Hates Strippers and Rape Relief Continues Reign of Terror

Anyone remember when the West Coast Women's Show discriminated against Charlene Rowley (a costume designer who wanted to model some of her creations for a mainstream crowd) because her models were exotic dancers?

Well, Abbotsford is at it again. This time they decided at the last minute (we're talking 4:45 pm yesterday and the Taboo Show begins today) to deny a fire permit for Ms. Pyro's shows. The coordinator had originally been told it would be a simple process of picking up the permit on the day of the event. Fire Officials left it till the last minute to let her know, leaving her no avenue for appeal. Alas, the Abbotsford Taboo Show will not enjoy Ms. Pyro's incredible performances. (And I'm sad because I was really looking forward to seeing one!)

Relentless, Ridiculous, Rape Relief.

Meanwhile, also happening today in Vancouver, is a meeting about trafficking and the 2010 Olympics. The meeting is organized by The Working Group on Human Trafficking at the 2010 Olympics and Beyond with direct assistance from SFU Communications - Michael Marwick. It's not organized or funded by the provincial government. The organizing group and invitees consists of women's groups, Rape Relief, AWAN, DTES Women's Centre, church and multicultural groups - Salvation Army, Catholic, Jewish, Moslem groups and UBC - Perrin.

No sex workers groups have been invited. Perrin and Senator Mobina Jaffer are writing a book on trafficking; the Salvation Army and Rape Relief are speaking. The group has developed a declaration on trafficking and links prostitution and trafficking and makes a link between the Olympic Games and trafficking. Not sure if it's open to the public, but the timeframe spans about two hours, so we're looking at a media event, not a serious discussion of these issues.

It Just Doesn't End

Last week, there was a prositution roundtable held at Simon Fraser University organized by Michael Marwick, where the sex work advocates were ambushed by the feminazi abolitionists (read: "rape relief and brainwashed allies") who invited a fellow fucker from the press to the private discussion. He wrote an article about his intrusion and it was published in the Vancouver Courier.

It surprised me because we've always had favourable press from the Vancouver Courier, in my experience. One journalist has even supported Exotic Dancers for Cancer by coming out with her husband. This Mark Hasiuk guy seems like a chip-on-his-shoulder, potential psycho.


Unknown said...

Wow, what an angry bitter guy that Mark is. He came in there with his eyes and mind closed and wasn't going to listen to anything he didn't want to hear. Whatever happened to impartial journalism?

Anonymous said...

He's sure a first rate douche bag