Thursday, March 5, 2009

Strippers and Hookers in the News

Strippers everywhere are shocked and horrified to see their colleague's stage name, REAL name, and video footage of her dancing on stage plastered across the television media with no regard for her safety.

Chelsea London's video was taken from her myspace page and shared on public television, along with her real name and a story about how a stripper "lured gang members to TBarz strip club."

So what do we have? An exotic entertainment industry in danger of once again being linked to organized crime.

Does everyone think that gang members live in a bubble? They are our brothers and fathers and cousins and friends. Anyone could have "ties to a gang member" simply by being born into the same family.

Exotic dancers and club owners everywhere are cringing at the media desperately trying to connect strip clubs with gangs. When the simple fact is that gang members are people too! They frequent grocery stores, doctor's offices, their kids schools, parks, and strip clubs - just like everyone else.

Should we all run and hide because there are gang members living next door? (well maybe, on that one) But should we implicate and condemn every person who ever has any kind of a relationship with a gang member? That would be ridiculous.

Did CBC have her permission to show the video to the viewers? Did they think about it before publishing her stage AND real name so that potential predators everywhere will forever now know how to find her?

I am sad for that woman, whatever got her into this trouble.

And I am sad that there is so much violence happening lately. Our society seriously needs to address these gaps. Our boys are not growing up healthy and strong. They are growing up scared and violent. There's a problem with that.

Meanwhile, sex worker activists are taking up the pen in answer to a prepostorous article in the Vancouver Sun today that declares 26% of Vancouver's sex workers are HIV positive. This is a hideous untruth that is another careless blow to the incomes of sex workers everywhere.

And to top it off, WOMEN are admitting to purchasing sex from men. Watch out world. Wives are going to start pimping out their good-looking husbands. And women everywhere are starting to save up for a good fuck. Those poor, exploited men.

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