Monday, March 30, 2009

Yonilicious Graphic/Web Designer

I was recently frantic when I realized that I needed someone to create a professional flyer to hand out at the Kwantlen University Sexpo (sexual health fair). I texted my friend, Mz. Scream, and she referred me to

Skiddy designed and created Mz. Scream's website and Ryann Rain's website too.

Skiddy was fast on the draw. She got back to me within an hour (and this is an evening email we're talking about here). She had a mockup for me the same night. It was beautiful. I was utterly relieved and deeply greatful to Mz. Scream for this amazing hookup.

Now I know who to call whenever I need a graphic designer. Her rates are very reasonable and her professionalism refreshing. She did exactly what I asked for. Next, I want her to design my business cards.

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Mz. Scream said...

Kim is now making Mz. Coventina's website and I can only say great things about Kim, ( web designing abilities. Seriously..... if you know an adult entertainer who needs a website, biz cards, posters...anything! She is the bomb.