Monday, April 27, 2009

Exotic Dancers for Cancer in the News

We were spoken of quite nicely in the Province on Sunday. Thank you, Dan Murphy! But no mention of The Naked Truth. :(

We'll be in 24 hours on Thursday.

And the Straight listed our event as they do every year. Thank you, Straight!

Tomorrow morning, to get publicity for ed4c, Ryann is going live on-air at 7am.

They are loading up the CFOX 99.3 station vehicle with some dancers and Ryann's portable pole and giving the streets of Vancouver the finest morning commute in years. Maybe some pole action at the skytrain stations, construction sites, the police station, etc.

As it is in public there will be NO nudity
. I wish I could be there! Just call me Surrey, suburban mom. I'll be getting my kids ready for school at that time. lol

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