Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Raising Funds by Shaving My Head...Maybe

I'm collecting donations for a family on Vancouver Island with a 2 yr old boy named Jove who has leukemia. He, his parents, and his twin older siblings (5 yrs old) have to travel to the mainland for treatments and it has been financially trying for the family. They are a super-positive, strong, happy family who do not see the cancer as something bad, but as something that brings new experiences.

Exotic Dancers for Cancer will be held in Victoria at the Fox Pub at the Red Lion Inn on May 24th and Jove is the recipient of the fundraiser.

To help raise funds and just for the fun of it too, I'm taking donations from people who think I should shave my head and also those who think I should NOT shave my head. Whichever envelope has more money in it by the evening of May 24th (guests at the event can also contribute) - will decide the fate of my hair.

I looked into donating it for wigs but they don't take coloured hair unfortunately. So, if it is off with my locks? I will have a wig and a few cute hats on hand for the occasion. LOL

Let me know if you want to make a donation to one of the envelopes. xoxo

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