Friday, June 5, 2009

Naked Facebook

Taking the sex industry by storm is, humourously referred to by many as “Naked Facebook” and even “Snatchbook.” Unlike Facebook, members are welcome to post erotic photos of themselves on The Naked Truth, and be rest assured that The Naked Truth will not use or share any of their photos without permission. Members retain ownership and rights to all content they publish on the site.

The Naked Truth was created for adult entertainers to connect with each other and allies of the sex industry, network with other industry members, maintain and nurture relationships with patrons, and keep each other informed.

Adult entertainers include male, female, and trans individuals who provide a sexual service for money (be it fantasy or reality) in the sex industry. While The Naked Truth was originally created for exotic dancers, it has grown to encompass all aspects of adult entertainment, including but not limited to: escorts, BDSM/Fetish workers, adult film actors, erotic writers, male and trans entertainers, street-based sex workers, webcam entertainers, and peep show dancers.

Similarly, coworkers of entertainers such as drivers, DJ’s, agents, business owners, photographers, costume designers, and others, are respected members of The Naked Truth.

The sex industry rights movement has been fortunate to receive a lot of help from community allies, such as family members, women’s organizations, feminist groups, legal societies, academics, and politicians. These supporters of adult entertainers are recognized on The Naked Truth as key players in the industry, making much-needed impacts on the working conditions of survival sex workers and the collective dignity of us all.

Last but never least, is our beloved benefactors – the patrons of the sex industry; male, female, and trans alike. The Naked Truth acts as a resource for patrons to learn how to engage adult entertainers, keep in touch with their favourites, and participate in creating a safer and healthier industry.


Members have complete control over their own privacy levels. Some sections of the site are for members only for the safety and anonymity of entertainers. You can determine who will see your profile and who will see your activities in the activity feed (if anyone) among other controls you have over your own privacy levels.

Albums and Videos

You have the power to post and delete your own photos or videos at any time. The Naked Truth will not copy or keep copies of your photographs or videos. If there is ever a photo or video of you posted on The Naked Truth that you do not want to be there, contact an administrator and we will help you to delete it or get it removed ourselves.

Stalkers Not Welcome

While The Naked Truth cannot control who signs up as members of the community, we will respond immediately to any threats, stalking behavior, or general negativity towards any entertainers (or other members). The Naked Truth is dedicated to being a safe space for entertainers above all others. For that reason, criticism of entertainers is not permitted on the site – generally or specifically. This includes rating entertainers and making general statements about specific industry groups as a whole.

If a member behaves inappropriately on The Naked Truth, he or she will be asked not to behave that way. After reasonable attempts to remedy the issue, if the behavior does not change, he or she will be banned from the community. If a member has a past history of stalking or otherwise harassing an entertainer, he or she will be banned immediately once this information is revealed.

Be aware that we will only share information about entertainers with police that you have either given us permission to share, or if the police have produced a warrant requiring us to provide that information. However, information requested by police related to stalking / harassment of entertainers will be provided without notification or consent of the offending member.

Job Board

If you are a business owner who is meeting minimum health and safety standards and you have any job opportunities available that require adult entertainers or value the experience of adult entertainers in your hiring practices, please contact an administrator to have your job opportunity posted on the ``Income Opportunities`` page. Alternatively, everyone is welcome to post job opportunities in the Classifieds section of the site.


The Classifieds section of The Naked Truth allows members to sell their promo and movies, post jobs and wanted ads, sell costumes etc. You are welcome to post erotic services ads in the classifieds section, as well. Please read about screening customers and working the internet safely before booking any engagements.


You have the ability to poll other members of The Naked Truth – adult entertainers, coworkers, allies, and patrons – on anything you’d like. You can make some up for fun, or post a serious question. Because The Naked Truth is for adult entertainers, we are much more relaxed about the kind of content posted in the polls section.


Likewise, the ability for members to blog is intended as a way for us to keep each other educated about the industry, health and safety, and more. Got an erotic story or poem you want to share? Post it in a blog. The Naked Truth is sex positive and values erotic talents of all kinds. Use the blog to post rants about injustices, share funny stories about work, or publish racy cartoons. It’s up to you.

Groups and Events

Similar to Facebook, The Naked Truth offers members the opportunity to create groups and events, and manage who can and cannot view, join, or attend. These options make organizing among industry members and advocates much easier. Invite all your adult entertainment industry friends on Facebook to join The Naked Truth. Networking and social movement will be revolutionized for adult entertainers if we can draw enough membership. It also allows patrons of the industry to support initiatives that improve working conditions for entertainers.


Probably the most accessed features of The Naked Truth are the forums. This is where all the discussion takes place. Entertainers share information about workspaces and job opportunities, as well as industry-friendly businesses (shoe repairs, tanning salons, plastic surgeons, etc). Rookies ask questions and learn from seasoned professionals. Agents post bookings. And entertainers educate their patrons. The forums are full of activity.

If you are involved with the adult entertainment industry as a coworker, an ally, or a patron – The Naked Truth will welcome you. If you are an adult entertainer – The Naked Truth was made for you.

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