Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Surrey Survival Arts

Well, Surrey girls have a bad rap

For fucking just any ol’ chap

And street guys are stereotyped too

For the criminal things that they do

But I say the girls are just smart

Yeah, they’ve learned the survival arts

And the boys are just makin' a livin'

Finding ways with the gifts they were given

Take a drive down East Whalley Ring Road

In the sidestreets, you’ll find all the strolls

The working girls strut in the shadows

Peering through all the driver-side windows

The police are around every bend

Pretending to be their best friends

Giving tickets they know won’t deter

Scaring off all the good customers

Desperate times and desperate measures

People who don’t realize they're treasured

Walking down the strip half awake

Counting the times they must break

But we love you Surrey girls and boys

We forgive all your devious ploys

We know you’ve been stabbed in the back

In a figure of speech and on track

Remember you are not forgotten

When the streets are treating you rotten

Remember you are not alone

So so many of us are your own

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