Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Naked Truth People's Choice Awards is proud to present the People's Choice Awards for our members. This initiative will encourage industry members and associates to recognize our favourite aspects of the industry. We have lots to be proud of. Let's celebrate what we love about adult entertainment around the world.
There are no limits on location. Because TNT is a global community, we wanted to be sure no one in our membership is excluded.

The nomination process is very easy! All you have to do is send your nomination to
  1. Put the category you’re nominating for in your subject line.
  2. Write a paragraph (max. 500 words) explaining why your nominee should win.
  3. Email it to
  4. Your paragraph will be posted on to help others decide who to vote for in that category. Your name will not be included with the paragraph.
  5. Deadline for nominations is November 15, 2009.
All nominations are anonymous and confidential. I will not share your name with anyone in relation to your nomination or otherwise.

Unlimited Nominations!

You may nominate more than one nominee per category and you may nominate for as many categories as you’d like.
To check out other nominations - go to the Community Forums.

Awards Categories

Please let us know if there are any categories we're missing!

Adult Film:

Favourite Adult Film Company – Performers’ Choice
Favourite Adult Film Company – Customers’ Choice
Favourite Male Performer
Favourite Female Performer
Favourite Transgender Performer
Hottest Sex Scene
Favourite Male Cum Shot
Favourite Pussy Squirting Shot
Favourite G/G Film
Favourite B/B Film
Favourite B/G Film
Favourite Gang Bang Scene
Favourite Trans Film
Favourite Porn Bloopers (Scene or Film)
Favourite Fetish Film
Favourite Sex Ed. Film
Favourite Gonzo
Favourite POV
Favourite Amateur
Favourite MILF
Favourite Feature Film
Favourite BDSM Film
Favourite Adult Home-Made Movie
Dirtiest Adult Film Star
Favourite Retired Film Performer

BDSM and Fetish Workers:

Favourite Dungeon – BDSM / Fetish Workers’ Choice
Favourite Dungeon – Clients’ Choice
Favourite Domme/Dom Service Provider
Favourite Submissive Service Provider
Favourite Switch Service Provider
Favourite Retired BDSM or Fetish Worker

Exotic Dance:

Favourite Strip Club – Dancers’ Choice
Favourite Strip Club – Customers’ Choice
Favourite Male Striptease Artist
Favourite Female Striptease Artist
Favourite Transgender Striptease Artist
Favourite Strip Club Changeroom
Favourite Exotic Dance Competition
Favourite Strip Club Stage
Favourite Exotic Dancer Accommodations
Favourite Theme Show
Favourite Floor Show Performer
Favourite Pole Work Performer
Favourite Funny Stripper
Favourite Burlesque Artist
Favourite Retired Exotic Dancer

Service Providers (Escort / Massage Parlours)

Favourite Venue – Service Providers’ Choice
Favourite Venue – Clients’ Choice
Favourite Out-Call Location – Service Providers’ Choice
Favourite Out-Call Location – Clients’ Choice
Favourite Male Service Provider
Favourite Female Service Provider
Favourite Transgender Service Provider
Favourite Retired Service Provider

Web Cam:

Favourite Webcam Site – Performers’ Choice
Favourite Webcam Site – Customers’ Choice
Favourite Webcam Male Performer
Favourite Webcam Female Performer
Favourite Webcam Trans Performer
Favourite Retired Web Cam Performer

Adult Industry Coworkers:

Favourite Adult Film Agent / Agency
Favourite Exotic Dance Agent / Agency
Favourite Escort Agent / Agency
Favourite Strip Club DJ
Favourite Costume Designer
Favourite Booking Person
Favourite Fluffer
Favourite Photographer
Favourite Cinematographer
Favourite Security
Favourite Driver
Favourite Hair Stylist
Favourite Make-up Artist
Favourite Strip Club Server
Favourite Strip Club Bartender
Adult Entertainment Supplies:

Favourite Condoms
Favourite Lube
Favourite Sex Toy
Favourite Sexy Footwear Company
Favourite Adult Supplies Business
Favourite Lingerie Company


Use aliases unless you have written authorization from nominee.

Favourite Exotic Dance Patron
Favourite Strip Club Crowd (Audience)
Favourite Web Cam Client
Favourite Adult Film Fan
Favourite Escort/Massage Client
Favourite BDSM/Fetish Client

Winners will receive trophies at an awards ceremony in Vancouver, BC, Canada in the new year - date to be announced. We will send trophies to those winners who cannot make it to the ceremony. Please nominate for as many categories as you want. And in case there is more than one favourite of yours, you are allowed unlimited nominations in each category. You can even nominate yourself! Nominators are confidential, so you can nominate whomever you want.

There will only be one winner per category. Members of Naked Truth will vote (using the polls section) for their favourites once the nominations deadline is here (November 15th). At that time, any categories that do not have any nominees will be put aside until next year's awards, when they will be opened up again for nominations.

Please invite friends to tnt to nominate and vote for their favourites too. We do a lot of great work in this industry. Let's celebrate the positive! And give recognition to the best of the best.

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