Sunday, November 15, 2009

TODAY is the Nomination Deadline


Hello everyone, is proud to present the People's Choice Awards for our members. This initiative will encourage industry members and associates to recognize our favourite aspects of the industry. We have lots to be proud of. Let's celebrate what we love about adult entertainment around the world.

There are no limits on location. Because The Naked Truth (TNT) is a global community, we wanted to be sure no one in our membership is excluded.

The nomination process is very easy! All you have to do is send your nomination to

1. Put the category(ies) you’re nominating for in your subject line.
2. Write a paragraph (max. 500 words) explaining why your nominee should win. One or two sentences is fine.
3. Email it to
4. Your paragraph will be posted on to help others decide who to vote for in that category. Your name will not be included with the paragraph.
5. DEADLINE for nominations is November 15, 2009. TODAY

All nominations are confidential. I will not share your name with anyone in relation to your nomination or otherwise.

Unlimited Nominations!

You may nominate more than one nominee per category and you may nominate for as many categories as you’d like. You can also use the same paragraph in several categories if a nominee fits in more than one.

To check out other nominations - go to the Community Forums, or click on "Sex Ed." and "TNT Awards."

Winners will receive trophies at an awards ceremony in APRIL 2010.

Don’t miss your chance to participate!

Let’s celebrate what we love about adult entertainment!

Love Annie

Awards Categories include:

-Adult Film

-BDSM and Fetish Workers

-Exotic Dance

-Service Providers (Escort / Massage Parlours)

-Web Cam

-Adult Industry Coworkers

-Adult Media

-Advocates and Support Workers of the Sex Industry

-Adult Entertainment Supplies


ps. Please sign up for the facebook group "The Naked Truth." "Save the Strippers" is no longer being updated. Thanks!

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