Saturday, December 26, 2009

An Awesome Danish Activism Resource

"When selling sex is not our problem, but our solution - and the only solution we currently have - we obviously will not stop selling sex, because clients will be criminalized. But it will be far more dangerous for us. For it is precisely the good customers who would never harm us that will stop buying sex. The good clients have a lot to lose. Work, family, reputation, position. Left are the customers, we now reject because we are not comfortable with them during the crucial minutes in which we 'test' them before we decide whether we will get into the car or not. The dangerous customers. The criminalization of the customers will cost us these crucial minutes. We have to just jump into the cars. We will have to ride with the dangerous. With the risk of fatal consequences.

Even the best intentions can have serious consequences. Here You must make a choice. You can think what You want and choose to send out the signals that You want. But know that your views can be crucial to our welfare. It is Your Choise."

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