Saturday, December 26, 2009

Book - Burlesque West

Burlesque West - By Becki Ross

When this project was funded, Becki received a ton of negative feedback and outrage from citizens who felt that a history of striptease was an inexcusable waste of funds. But Becki persisted and this book, if nothing else, proves how important the industry of striptease has been economically for our societies. No different from the male workers we've learned the history of such as miners and loggers. Striptease is legitimate labour, with a celebrated and cherished history for its workers.

After reading Burlesque West, I finally feel like I know enough history to use it to back up my claims. I just released a health and safety guide for sex industry workers to the world ( I am the primary writer and project coordinator, but we have contributions from diverse sex industry workers across Canada. A lot of the information we give in the guide, is represented in Beckie Ross's book. Of course, I was thrilled, because our research matches. Further proof of our assertions within the sex worker movement. I felt so much stronger for reading this book and being able to look proudly back on an industry that I too have loved.

I was also incredibly honoured to see my name in the acknowledgments, and the references to me and at other times. I was especially honoured to be quoted near the end. I had no assumptions that the book would say anything about me at all! I've officially made history! That is such an amazing and moving gift. Thank you, Becki, so much for this gift to us all in Burlesque West. And thank you for making me immortal through your words.

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