Saturday, December 26, 2009

Trade Secrets is Released to the World!

We developed this guide with the help of experts in the field of sex industry health and safety (workers and business owners), as well as non-industry legal and health experts.

The Trade Secrets Community Group – an advisory committee convened for the purpose of representing diverse perspectives, vetted all suggestions made in the guide to this end.

The Community Group is made up of thirteen sex industry workers who span the adult industry, and includes the voices of street-based workers, trans individuals, hustlers, webcam workers, adult film performers and producers, exotic dancers, escorts, bdsm and fetish workers, and more.

Beyond the community group, we engaged twenty-eight sex industry workers personally and connected with twenty-one more through focus groups:
  • One adult film performer;
  • Four BDSM workers including two dommes, one submissive, and a switch;
  • Five non-English-speaking Chinese massage parlour workers for which the questionnaire had to be modified and translated;
  • Four exotic dancers;
  • Four male sex workers (or hustlers);
  • One webcam worker with experience also doing peep show and phone sex work;
  • Seven indoor sex workers including independents, escort service workers, and massage parlour workers;
  • Two street-based sex workers;
  • We held three focus groups with streetbased workers, among whom the transgender perspective was also shared.
We also engaged:
  • Seven sex industry business owners including two dungeon Head Mistresses, two adult film distributors, one exotic dance agent, one escort agency owner, and one adult website owner;
  • Eight coworkers including one booking girl, one doorman, one driver / security professional, two support agency workers from Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, one photographer, and one strip club server.
  • Seven clients recruited through sex industry workers who participated, as well as an online invitation at;
This is by no means an exhaustive resource for the sex industry. Due to a limited number of participants, we could not accurately represent the industry from every perspective across Canada. So, we included what was shared with us and left out what was not. For instance, in the chapter “Our Work,” we know a bit about what to expect in tips as an exotic dancer in BC or Alberta. But we do not have that information for other provinces.

Every bit of advice in this guide comes from sex industry workers across Canada. These words are your words. If you have advice to share that isn’t here, you can contribute your wisdom using the online guide by writing comments at the end of appropriate chapters.

Some of this advice will speak volumes and others won’t ring true for you. Take what works for you and scrap the rest. Come back to the guide whenever other pieces of information are more relevant.

The terms "sex industry worker," "sex worker," "adult entertainer," "worker," and "entertainer" are all used interchangeably throughout this guide.

This has been a labour of love for me – Trade Secrets. I hope it rocks your world.

-Annie Temple
aka Trina Ricketts
BCCEC Member

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