Saturday, January 9, 2010

Mugs and Jugs on my Birthday

My brother invited me out for a drink after my birthday dinner with the folks, so we headed over to Mugs and Jugs in Surrey. Grant, the owner of the club, was there and bought me a birthday drink. Grant is a great guy. He's the kind of person you want to talk ideas with. He's got a lot of enthusiasm, but he's over-obligated with a job, a business, a wife, kids, and now a strip club! lol. For that reason, he is also difficult to get commitments out of. He's a last minute emergency type of guy. I don't begrudge him it. I just w0rk a lot faster. So our ideas may not come to fruition, unfortunately.

I also got to meet my brother's "boss." They are talking about moving the tattoo shop (currently in Vancouver and called "Deadly Sin") to Surrey because the rents are cheaper and Surrey's getting bigger. I like the idea, as I would get to drop-in on my brother at work more often, which will nicely result in me having more tattoos. :)

The dancers were stunning and friendly. CJ, the agent who books the club, was sitting at the bar. It is the first time I ever noticed how perfect his hair, eyebrows, and nails are. I felt a twinge of attraction just to see how meticulously he takes care of himself. Normally I am attracted to burly guys who would look funny if they put gel in their hair. More like Grant, I guess.

But at this point in my life, newly single after an eight year relationship, two kids that mean more than anything in the world to me, and an insatiable drive to rock the sex industry with my events and website - well, I'm finding myself attracted to all types. Gender isn't standing in my way either. I'd like to have lots of friends, a few lovers, and complete and total independence. I still have boundaries - no married men (because I was an other woman before, and I felt terrible about it for years after), no addicts (been there, done that too), no people who suck my energy out of me (good, positive vibes only), and no liars (the truth is required at all times).

I'm not even looking for a lover. But I am damn sure I won't be going down any matrimonial path ever again. And I say that with the utmost love and appreciation for my former husband. He's a wonderful man, and I adore him. But I don't want to live with him, or anyone else for as long I live! LOL

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