Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My Birthday Party at the Number 5 Orange

Oh, I felt so loved! Around 20 people showed up, many with cards and gifts, to celebrate my birthday with me on Sunday (Jan. 10). The drinks are really expensive there! And one of my non-drinking friends was told she HAD to order a drink. She couldn't even think about it. The server insisted that she order and purchase or leave. (Kind of fucked up moment there.) But other than that, the atmosphere was great!

Several TNT Awards winners were there - Favourite Strip Club Customer, Favourite Pussy Squirter, Favourite Industry Innovator, Favourite Support Worker, Favourite Feminist Advocate, Favourite Sex Worker Advocate and Media Spokesperson (I hope I'm not missing any).

The dancers were fantastic. I got to see Charlie Sheen's show and she has such a great smile and makes such entertaining facial expressions during her sexy show. A few industry co-workers came - Pat and Mike (both DJ's at the Number 5 Orange), Dan (a driver/ security guy), Patrick from Austin Powers Photography, Ernest (a woodworker - makes awesome paddles ;).

I counted at least nine current and former industry entertainers (with experience as dancers, escorts, webcam, dommes, phone sex, street-based sex work, and so much more). And friends of friends came too, so there were more that I know nothing about but they showed up for the fun of it!

We had a really great time and I decided once and for all that I'm going to strip again. Just need a few good corsets and costumes to match. In the meantime, I'm brushing up on my hula hooping skills. Naked hula hoop viewing anyone? ;)

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