Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sex Life Canada in the House

I just came across this fantastic article from Sex Life Canada. I hope someone nominates them for this year's Adult Entertainment Award!

The Naked Truth about the Naked Truth Awards

Pussy Squirters, Good Dykes, PervertBoys and more where all in attendance Wednesday night at the RIO on Broadway for the Naked Truth's Canadian Adult Entertainment Awards.

The event was organized and conceived by Annie Temple, founder of the, an online community resource for sex industry workers and fans. She wanted to do something that highlighted the positive aspects of an industry that is so often marginalized and stigmatized. She also wanted to see Canadian performers and support workers recognized in an industry that is highly dominated by a U.S. Market.

Arriving at the small alternative movie theater there was already excitement in the air. Women in small and sexy dresses spilled of of the theaters lobby and onto the red carpet where they stopped for photographers before lighting a cigarette and mingling with friends. Everyone was excited to be there.

Drinks were had and elbows, amongst other parts, were rubbed with the who's who of, lets face it, Vancouver's sex industry. There were winners from across Canada invited, like Stella a sex workers support center in Montreal who tied with Vancouver's Wish for Favorite support center and even winners from the states like Belladonna, Dita Von Tease and in best sex news source (next year it should be us). Yet none of those names were in attendance. The awards being in their first year and having a low Canadian sized budget meant that there wasn't a lot of non local representation, but this is their virgin year and we all know you have to go easy on a virgin and despite the lack of international stars or maybe even because of it, the sense of community at the event was inspiring.

I myself, who has always called myself an “equalist” over a “feminist” due to words association with sex negativity, got to speak briefly with Winner for Favorite Feminist Advocate Esther Shannon, who told me that she is was thrilled to get an award for her work with the sex trade advocates and feminist organization FIRST, because she believes that more people need to know that there are sex positive feminists out there.

The night wast hosted by The Samatha Mack and her forever threatening to pop out of her corset breasts. They were enormous and on more then one occasion definitely stole the show. What she lack in preparedness she made up for in clever wit and tips on how to give great blow jobs, spit down twist, up twist. Despite the multiple technical glitches the show was entertaining and fun with multiple performers from burlesque and strip teases artists Such as Diamond Minx and even some spoken word from Mr. Gay Vancouver Aedan Saint.

But what really made the show for me was the look on people's faces when they got on stage to accept their awards. For many it was obvious that this was the first time anyone had publicly thanked them for all the hard work they do for the community. Colleen Ford, who is a support worker with the Mobile Access Project, other wise known as the MAP Van, was nearly in tears as she clutched her teenage daughter on stage and because so overwhelmed by the out pouring of support that she forgot how to speak.

Hugs, tears and inside jokes were swapped on stage more times than partners in a orgy scene. All different sides of the sex work community really came together to empower each other through that event. As favorite pussy squirter winner Mz. Scream put it “It’s nice to be recognized, to have this pat on the back for those of us who work so hard and put ourselves out for the enjoyment of others.”

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