Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Review of Byrd Showroom Pub, Surrey BC

I could post my own review of The Byrd Showroom in Surrey, but it would be biased since I'm working there doing some promotions, lol. So when BicycleRob - a member of NakedTruth.ca - posted an account of his visit to the Byrd, I asked permission to post it on my blog.

BicycleRob is a loyal stripclub customer who is known and loved by dancers across Canada. He travels for work and makes a point of stopping into our precious safe workspaces on all of his trips. (Thanks BRob!) He is also a longtime member and supporter of NakedTruth.ca - an advocacy and support site for adult entertainers.

Without further ado, here is his review:

My 4 PM Friday arrival time at The Byrd was perfect - the dancer on stage recognized me from two other cities, but I hadn't seen the others. One was a talented rookie who should probably gain some contest experience. The others put in a good effort. The stage was good for a lot of pole tricks. When I left at 6 PM, I had seen the whole line-up, and the first dancer twice.

My server was very good, and a steak sandwich special was announced. The beer selection was limited to a few major brands - comparable to the other Surrey clubs, but Victoria, Calgary and No. 5 Orange do much better.

The Byrd is Surrey's best choice for pedestrians at night. The route between the Byrd and the SkyTrain station is a pedestrian crosswalk, plus sidewalks within sight of the SkyTrain station and the King George Highway. Despite its reputation, Surrey's crime statistics are better than downtown Victoria's.
Thanks BicycleRob! 

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