Monday, September 24, 2012

Calling All Exotic Dancers: Past and Present...and future!

SURREY, BC: The Byrd Showroom Pub would like to extend its gratitude and appreciation for exotic dancers and the beauty and skill they bring to the Adult Entertainment Industry. On Saturday, October 6th from 7 P.M. till midnight, staff and management of The Flamingo Hotel will host an Exotic Dancer Reunion-Appreciation Party in honour of exotic dancers, past and present.

“We are celebrating the time, effort, skill, and beauty performers have invested in our industry over the years,” says Annie Temple, a former exotic dancer who now promotes events for the hotel. “This is a reunion party for past and present dancers, but people interested in getting into the industry are welcome to attend as well.”

Temple admits there is a lot to learn in the industry; trade secrets that are predominantly learned through experience and mentorship. “When I started dancing, there were no pole dance studios,” admits Temple. “New dancers have a lot more resources now than then. But there are some things you can only learn from other dancers.”

Temple says that may be why dancers often forge lifelong friendships with each other. “The kind of people who are attracted to this industry are strong, open, compassionate, driven, and self-sufficient. It’s nice to spend time with others like ourselves.”

The Byrd Pub was voted Favourite Strip Club (to work in) by exotic dancer members of in 2011. They are known in the industry for their ethical business practices and positive working environment.

“Exotic dancers in BC have given a lot to our club,” Temple says. “For one night, we’d like to give a little something back to them.”

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Cindy said...

That is so good that these exotic dancers get something back for the time they put in.