Monday, September 24, 2012

Calling All Exotic Dancers: Past and Present...and future!

SURREY, BC: The Byrd Showroom Pub would like to extend its gratitude and appreciation for exotic dancers and the beauty and skill they bring to the Adult Entertainment Industry. On Saturday, October 6th from 7 P.M. till midnight, staff and management of The Flamingo Hotel will host an Exotic Dancer Reunion-Appreciation Party in honour of exotic dancers, past and present.

“We are celebrating the time, effort, skill, and beauty performers have invested in our industry over the years,” says Annie Temple, a former exotic dancer who now promotes events for the hotel. “This is a reunion party for past and present dancers, but people interested in getting into the industry are welcome to attend as well.”

Temple admits there is a lot to learn in the industry; trade secrets that are predominantly learned through experience and mentorship. “When I started dancing, there were no pole dance studios,” admits Temple. “New dancers have a lot more resources now than then. But there are some things you can only learn from other dancers.”

Temple says that may be why dancers often forge lifelong friendships with each other. “The kind of people who are attracted to this industry are strong, open, compassionate, driven, and self-sufficient. It’s nice to spend time with others like ourselves.”

The Byrd Pub was voted Favourite Strip Club (to work in) by exotic dancer members of in 2011. They are known in the industry for their ethical business practices and positive working environment.

“Exotic dancers in BC have given a lot to our club,” Temple says. “For one night, we’d like to give a little something back to them.”

Monday, July 9, 2012

Surrey to Host Sex Industry Awards

Zoe from Zoho Salon - Favourite Hair Stylist 2010

SURREY, BC. If you’re driving in downtown Surrey on the afternoon of July 21st, do not be surprised to see scantily clad competitors converging on the Byrd Showroom Pub in the historic Flamingo Hotel. The Naked Truth Adult Entertainment Awards are coming to town.

Exotic dancers, escorts, dominatrices, webcam workers, photographers, costume designers, advocates, and sex industry suppliers are among those who will be honoured and recognized for their exemplary contribution to the adult entertainment industry.

Founder and organizer of the awards, Trina Ricketts, says she’s excited the awards will be hosted close to home. “I am a proud resident of Surrey,” says Ricketts. “This town is full of strippers and rock ‘n rollers. My kind of people.”

The Byrd Pub was voted Favourite Strip Club (to work in) by exotic dancer members of in 2011. They are known in the industry for their ethical business practices and positive working environment.

“The Byrd is a perfect place to host the awards,” says Ricketts. “They have great staff, great food, and I have received a lot of support from them in organizing this event.”

The strip club offers party packages for people celebrating birthdays, stags, or other milestones. They are also available for fundraisers and other large events.

For more information about The Naked Truth Adult Entertainment Awards go to or email To learn more about The Byrd Pub’s party packages, email or check out their website at

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Review of Byrd Showroom Pub, Surrey BC

I could post my own review of The Byrd Showroom in Surrey, but it would be biased since I'm working there doing some promotions, lol. So when BicycleRob - a member of - posted an account of his visit to the Byrd, I asked permission to post it on my blog.

BicycleRob is a loyal stripclub customer who is known and loved by dancers across Canada. He travels for work and makes a point of stopping into our precious safe workspaces on all of his trips. (Thanks BRob!) He is also a longtime member and supporter of - an advocacy and support site for adult entertainers.

Without further ado, here is his review:

My 4 PM Friday arrival time at The Byrd was perfect - the dancer on stage recognized me from two other cities, but I hadn't seen the others. One was a talented rookie who should probably gain some contest experience. The others put in a good effort. The stage was good for a lot of pole tricks. When I left at 6 PM, I had seen the whole line-up, and the first dancer twice.

My server was very good, and a steak sandwich special was announced. The beer selection was limited to a few major brands - comparable to the other Surrey clubs, but Victoria, Calgary and No. 5 Orange do much better.

The Byrd is Surrey's best choice for pedestrians at night. The route between the Byrd and the SkyTrain station is a pedestrian crosswalk, plus sidewalks within sight of the SkyTrain station and the King George Highway. Despite its reputation, Surrey's crime statistics are better than downtown Victoria's.
Thanks BicycleRob! 

Thursday, April 12, 2012

'Dancers for Cancer' Raise Funds and Hope

VICTORIA, BC: On Sunday, May 6th, The Fox Showroom Pub, 3366 Douglas Street, is hosting its annual Dancers for Cancer - an all day community fundraiser from noon till 1 a.m. dedicated to improving the lives of people impacted by cancer.

The Fox Pub has been recognized for several years now as one of the best strip clubs in Canada by the adult entertainment industry through’s annual awards.

“Individuals and families often lose those extras in life such as movies, dinners out, lessons for the kids, vacations, new clothes,” says Nicole Vezina, who has been coordinating the event since its inception nine years ago. “We want to help people and families impacted by cancer to embrace and enjoy their lives.”

Vezina partnered with volunteer and cancer survivor, Rose Currie, to raise money towards bursary funds for education and grants for non-medical expenses for individuals affected by the disease.

The newly incorporated Rose Lemonade Hope Foundation will share proceeds from this year’s fundraiser with the Prostate Centre, a self-supporting, non-profit organization serving Vancouver Island and Gulf Islands with support programs and services available to all men and their families.

For more information go to or visit them on facebook.

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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Nominate Your Favourite Canadian Sex Worker

SURREY, BC: Surrey resident and former exotic dancer, Annie Temple, is spreading her legs, er…we mean…spreading the word that is taking nominations right now for The Naked Truth’s 2010/11 People’s Choice Adult Entertainment Awards.

The inaugural awards celebration was held earlier this year on June 9th at the Rio Theatre in Vancouver. It celebrated the likes of Vince Murdocco (Flesh Gordon 2), Susan Davis (sex worker and activist), Mz. Scream (dominatrix and film performer), Good Dyke Porn (adult film producer), and many other “favourites” in an effort to bring recognition and appreciation to the best of the best in the industry across Canada.

“I wanted to bring our community together under one roof and show the world the incredible people who make up our industry,” says Temple who founded the awards.

To nominate your favourite, a free membership to is required. Voting will take place in November and December. Categories include Adult Film, BDSM and Fetish, Striptease, Service Providers in the Massage and Escort Industry, Webcam, Industry CoWorkers, Adult Media, Advocates and Support Workers, Adult Entertainment Supplies, and even favourite Clients.

The awards celebration will take place on June 9, 2011 in Vancouver, BC. For more information go to or email Temple at

Nomination requirements:

  • Nominator must be a member of
  • Nominee must be living or working in Canada (we hope to expand location in the future)
  • List of awards, titles, and any other accolades given the nominee in the past 12 to 24 months. Point form biography of successes relating to the award category.
  • Short paragraph saying why you think this person or business deserves to win a tnt award. One or two sentences will suffice but you can certainly include more info. Website addresses and other links to support your nomination are also welcome.
  • Deadline for nominations is November 1, 2010.

Email your nomination to Your nomination will be posted in the forums.

Unlimited Nominations!

You may nominate more than one nominee per category and you may nominate for as many categories as you’d like. You can even nominate yourself! Nominators are confidential, so you can nominate whomever you want. I will not share your name with anyone in relation to your nomination or otherwise. The only limitation is that each category is limited to 20 nominees. So be the first to submit yours!


Please note that we do not contact nominees to inform them of their nomination. You may want to ask their permission to nominate them first, as some people do not want their names associated with an adult content site such ours. Whenever possible, use working names to preserve privacy.

The Celebration

Winners will be our guests at an awards celebration in Vancouver, BC, Canada on June 9, 2011. Please nominate for as many categories as you want. And in case there is more than one favourite of yours, you are allowed unlimited nominations in each category. You can even nominate yourself! Nominators are confidential, so you can nominate whomever you want.

Members of Naked Truth will vote (using the polls section) for their favourites from November 15th until December 31st of this year. At that time, any categories that do not have any nominees will be put aside until next year's awards, when they will be opened up again for nominations.

Please invite friends to The Naked Truth to nominate and vote for their favourites too. We do a lot of great work in this industry. Let's celebrate the positive! And give recognition to the best of the best.


Adult Film:

Favourite Adult Film Company – Performers’ Choice
Favourite Adult Film Company – Customers’ Choice
Favourite Male Performer
Favourite Female Performer
Favourite Transgender Performer
Hottest Sex Scene
Favourite Male Cum Shot
Favourite Pussy Squirting Shot
Favourite G/G Film
Favourite B/B Film
Favourite B/G Film
Favourite Gang Bang Scene
Favourite Trans Film
Favourite Funny Porn
Favourite Fetish Film
Favourite Sex Ed. Film
Favourite Gonzo
Favourite POV
Favourite Amateur
Favourite MILF
Favourite Feature Film
Favourite BDSM Film
Favourite Adult Home-Made Movie
Dirtiest Adult Film Star
Favourite Retired Film Performer

BDSM and Fetish Workers:

Favourite Dungeon – BDSM / Fetish Workers’ Choice
Favourite Dungeon – Clients’ Choice
Favourite Domme/Dom Service Provider
Favourite Submissive Service Provider
Favourite Switch Service Provider
Favourite Retired BDSM or Fetish Worker


Favourite Strip Club – Dancers’ Choice
Favourite Strip Club – Customers’ Choice
Favourite Male Striptease Artist
Favourite Female Striptease Artist
Favourite Transgender Striptease Artist
Favourite Strip Club Changeroom
Favourite Exotic Dance Competition
Favourite Strip Club Stage
Favourite Exotic Dancer Accommodations
Favourite Theme Show
Favourite Floor Show Performer
Favourite Pole Work Performer
Favourite Funny Stripper
Favourite Burlesque Artist
Favourite Retired Exotic Dancer
Favourite VIP / Private Show / House Dancer

Service Providers (Escort / Massage Parlours)

Favourite Venue – Service Providers’ Choice
Favourite Venue – Clients’ Choice
Favourite Out-Call Location – Service Providers’ Choice
Favourite Out-Call Location – Clients’ Choice
Favourite Male Service Provider
Favourite Female Service Provider
Favourite Transgender Service Provider
Favourite Retired Service Provider

Web Cam:

Favourite Webcam Site – Performers’ Choice
Favourite Webcam Site – Customers’ Choice
Favourite Webcam Male Performer
Favourite Webcam Female Performer
Favourite Webcam Trans Performer
Favourite Retired Web Cam Performer

Adult Industry Coworkers:

Favourite Adult Film Agent / Agency
Favourite Exotic Dance Agent / Agency
Favourite Escort Agent / Agency
Favourite Strip Club DJ
Favourite Costume Designer
Favourite Booking Person
Favourite Fluffer
Favourite Photographer
Favourite Cinematographer
Favourite Security
Favourite Driver
Favourite Hair Stylist
Favourite Make-up Artist
Favourite Strip Club Server
Favourite Strip Club Bartender
Favourite Adult Multimedia Print and Web Designer
Favourite Adult Industry Web Developer

Adult Media:

Favourite Escort Review Board
Favourite Online Resource
Favourite Adult Website
Favourite Adult Magazine
Favourite Sex Industry News Source
Favourite Sex Industry Magazine
Favourite Adult Journalist
Favourite Sex Worker Blog
Favourite Mainstream Media (Sex Industry Friendly)
Favourite Erotic Romance Writer
Favourite Adult Entertainer Turned Author

Advocates and Support Workers of the Sex Industry:

Favourite Sex Worker Advocate
Favourite Media Spokesperson
Favourite Industry Innovator
Favourite Academic Advocate
Favourite Feminist Advocate
Favourite Support Worker
Favourite Support / Advocacy Organization
Favourite Educational Program

Adult Entertainment Supplies:

Favourite Condoms
Favourite Lube
Favourite Sex Toy
Favourite Sexy Footwear Company
Favourite Adult Supplies Business
Favourite Lingerie Company


Use aliases unless you have written authorization from nominee.

Favourite Exotic Dance Patron
Favourite Strip Club Crowd (Audience)
Favourite Web Cam Client
Favourite Adult Film Fan
Favourite Escort/Massage Client
Favourite BDSM/Fetish Client

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ontario Court Strikes Down Prostitution Laws

For Immediate Release September 28, 2010

Ontario Court Strikes Down Prostitution Laws

NATIONAL – Sex workers across Canada are celebrating the Ontario Superior Court’s decision today, which struck down Canada’s prostitution laws. The Court held that the bawdy house law, the communication law and the law that prohibits living on the avails are unconstitutional because they violate sex workers’ rights to safety, life, liberty and freedom of expression.

“We’re excited to start working on the next steps,” said Susan Davis of the BC Coalition for Experiential Communities (BCCEC). “Sex workers have already laid the groundwork for building a safe and vibrant working community for ourselves, and we’ve already started implementing our plans.” BCCEC’s new Opening the Doors report (link below) lays out detailed plans to increase the safety of all sex workers and can be a template for working in a decriminalized environment. The report was written by sex workers, who are in the best position to know what is best for themselves and their industry.

“Although the government will likely appeal this verdict, this decision is a huge step towards ensuring that sex workers will enjoy the same rights and protections as other Canadians, including the protection of police and other support systems,” said Tamara O’Doherty, a FIRST spokesperson and a criminologist at UFV.

“We call on all provinces and police forces across Canada to stop enforcing the prostitution laws immediately,” said O’Doherty. “This would be a crucial first step in reducing violence against sex workers. It’s time for Canada to acknowledge that sex workers are people too, and that sex workers are entitled to safety and equality.”

The plaintiffs – Amy Lebovitch, Terri-Jean Bedford, and Valerie Scott, of Sex Professionals of Canada (SPOC) – argued their case in front of the Superior Court of Ontario in October 2009, with Alan Young as counsel.

“Much of the violence and abuse experienced by sex workers is a result of the conditions created by the criminal laws,” said Katrina Pacey, lawyer with Pivot Legal Society. “The laws have forced sex workers into the shadows where they face very dangerous conditions and can’t turn to the police for protection without risking arrest. It’s wonderful that the court has recognized the harm of the laws, and has freed sex workers from the threat of criminal prosecution.” Pivot and FIRST explain why consensual adult sex work needs to be decriminalized in Canada in their new position paper, Out of the Shadows (see below for link).

FIRST, Pivot, and BCCEC would like to thank Sex Professionals of Canada and the three Toronto sex workers for their courage and determination in standing up publicly for the rights and safety of themselves and all Canadian sex workers.

For more information:

· Full decision from Ontario Superior Court will be posted at:

· Out of the Shadows: Why Canada Must Decriminalize Consensual, Adult Sex Work:

· Opening the Doors:

· Swedish Model a Failure:

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From: Sex Professionals of Canada

Re: Ontario Superior Court decision

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sex Professionals of Canada is delighted by Justice Susan Himel’s decision to acknowledge our right to legally practice our chosen profession. This important victory gives us hope that sex work will one day be fully regarded as the legitimate occupation it is.

The invalidation of Section 210 of the Criminal Code, which prohibits bawdy houses, will mean that we can ensure our safety by working together indoors. We can now report abuses of anyone in our occupation to the appropriate authorities, without fear of arrest. Ontario sex workers will no longer be vulnerable to eviction or arrest on our business premises.

The invalidation of Section 212 (1j) of the Criminal Code, that prohibits living wholly or in part on the avails of prostitution was developed to protect us from ‘pimps’. In practice, it makes us and our live-in partners, and even elderly parents we support, susceptible to being charged, and serving up to ten years in jail. The invalidation of Section 212 (1j), will allow our families to finally stop fearing arrest. Our employees, such as receptionists, drivers, etc. will no longer fear criminal prosecution. Section 212 (1j) has stigmatized and punished us and denied that our work is a form of gainful employment for too long.

The invalidation of Section 213 (1c) of the Criminal Code prohibited “communication for the purposes of prostitution”, that means soliciting clients in any public place, including the use of cell phones, the Internet, hotel lobbies, bars, and even rooms with an open door or window. We are liable to being arrested for stopping or even attempting in any manner to stop a person or motor vehicle. Subject to the communication law, we are forced to limit our negotiating time with clients, preventing us from having enough time to determine if the client is trustworthy or potentially dangerous.

All over Canada, sex workers are calling for an end to criminalization. We have developed workable plans to increase the safety of ALL community members.

Our plans are detailed and could be developed to fit communities from coast to coast. We believe in having a process in place to combat youth exploitation and human trafficking, specialized policing services, sex consumer education, municipal bylaw revisions and a system of professional accreditation to ensure all workers are given access to resources and help should we need it. The tools to make safe decisions about our occupation will help combat exploitation in the sex industry, while respecting the choices of adult sex workers.

Inclusion is key. Consensual adult sex workers must be included in decisions that will affect our occupation. Business owners and residents must be heard also. The only way this will truly work is if all people’s concerns and experiences are respected.

Our opposition’s strategy is to eliminate prostitution, including all consensual adult prostitution. This is unrealistic and unworkable. We do not wish to be further criminalized and driven underground by anti-sex work policies.

Under the guise of saving youth and trafficking victims, our opposition is willing to compromise the human rights of thousands of adult consensual sex workers. Compromising the rights of one group to “save” another is prohibited by the International Declaration of Human Rights, which explicitly states that no part of the declaration may be used to justify the removal of an individual’s rights and SPOC questions the motives of any person willing to harm a woman to save a woman.

It is time to put the voices of sex workers at the forefront. It is time to move away from punishment, toward protection.

We do not need to inherit other nations’ mistakes. We will be working diligently to develop a Canadian model.

We would like to thank Justice Susan Himel, the legal team, all our witnesses, Alan Young , Ron Marzel, and Stacy Nichols.

We would also like to thank Terri Jean Bedford, Amy Lebovitch, Valerie Scott and all the fine sex workers in Canada who have been working towards this victory.

We will be keeping you posted as more information comes in.

Sex Professionals of Canada (SPOC)

With special thanks to the British Columbia Coalition of Experiential Communities. (BCCEC)

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Monday, August 16, 2010

We Put the “Penis” Back in “Happiness”

Adult Industry Social to Fundraise for Awards Ceremony

SURREY, BC: Ever wondered what your favourite adult entertainers are really like in person? Well, here’s your chance to find out.

Strippers, porn stars and other adult entertainers will gather with fans and allies on August 29th at the Byrd Show Lounge in Surrey to socialize and raise funds to support their annual industry awards ceremony.

Celebrity guests will include exotic dancer, Samantha Mack, who will host the celebration; and star of Flesh Gordon 2, Vince Murdocco, who accepted the award for “Favourite Funny Porn” on June 9th at Canada’s first ever Adult Entertainment Awards show.

“House of Seduction – An Adult Industry Social” will feature performances from exotic dancers Jessyka Rabbit, Kitty Sixx, and Vicki Bond, to name a few. Mr. Gay Vancouver, Aedan Saint, will perform a XXX poetry slam number. Burlesque artist, Jenny Magenta, and others will also grace the stage in support of recognizing the best of the best in the adult entertainment industry.

Organizer and Surrey resident, Annie Temple, founded the awards show to celebrate the positive aspects of the industry and promote the best, most ethical, and most favoured adult entertainment industry members and businesses and let patrons know whom to support with their dollars.

Adult film performer and Dominatrix, Mz. Scream was honoured to be one of this year’s winners.

“Sometimes as adult entertainers, we don’t always feel over-appreciated in our work even though we are going out of our ways to make other people happy—and I think that it’s really important that we have a time in our lives when we can be appreciated for what we do,” she said as she accepted her adult film award. “As employed Canadians, we are providing something to the world and deserve to have some sort of credit. We are a community, and we can be proud of our accomplishments.”

Mz. Scream, along with many other award winners, will attend the social on Sunday, August 29th from 3 till 9 p.m. For a minimum donation of $10 at the door, the public are invited to join the celebration.

Enjoy a warm reception and rub elbows with the who’s who in adult entertainment because, as Mz. Scream says: “We put the ‘penis’ back in ‘happiness’.” For more information or to get involved, go to or email


Media contact:
Annie Temple

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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Heartbreaking Goodbyes

In tribute to the closing of the Cecil Show Lounge on Granville Street in Vancouver, I thought I'd repost this poem I wrote a few years back.

Heartbreaking Goodbyes

Landmarks in my life – Legends in our towns
One by one we say goodbye to the Barnet, the Arch, and the Arms
The loud music, stage lights, and laughing faces fade
The dens of evil we know and love where we welcome the sexually depraved
No more naked, shaking breasts – we sadly say goodbye
To the Lougheed, the Ears, Delaneys, the Duck and the NBI
We weep to witness our strip clubs replaced
The Coach House, the Tudor, and now the Drake
One less place to work, one less place to escape in the night
One less option for women not born for the straight life
The disappearing act in a show that shows it all
Abracadabra – the strip club becomes a strip mall
All the world blind to our pain and our precious paid stage gains
As we desperately try to save what of our industry remains.

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Sunday, July 11, 2010

I Want to Start a Safe Sex Revolution

I want to start a safe sex revolution
So I can have sex with lots and lots of men
I want to start a safe sex revolution
So they will wear a condom when I go down on them

I want to start a safe sex revolution
Where kissing is off limits and everyone washes their hands
I want to start a safe sex revolution
Where you won’t try to give me face without a dental damn

I want to start a safe sex revolution
Cause I’m a horny slut with a roving eye
I want to start a safe sex revolution
So I don’t have to commit to just one guy

I want to start a safe sex revolution
So nobody expects to get saliva on my parts
I want to start a safe sex revolution
So any guy I fuck knows the score before he starts

I want to start a safe sex revolution
Where everyone agrees and understands the rules
I want to start a safe sex revolution
Where everyone has on hand his or her safe sex tools

I want to start a safe sex revolution
No exchange of fluids, no bareback, and no kissing
I want to start a safe sex revolution
With lots and lots of lube to avoid any friction

I want to start a safe sex revolution
So we can all just fuck for fun and never have to worry
I want to start a safe sex revolution
So I don’t have to explain the rules to every Tom, Dick, or Harry

I want to start a safe sex revolution
Do you agree? Are you a total slut, like me?
I want to start a safe sex revolution
So I can give up celibacy

I want to start a safe sex revolution
Spread the love, not the disease
I want to start a safe sex revolution
So I can fuck anyone I please

I want to start a safe sex revolution
Can I inspire your applause?
I want to start a safe sex revolution
Hey Hotstuff, wanna join my cause? ;)

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